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Movie Review: Aligarh

February 26, 2016

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Photo taken from the official Facebook page of “Aligarh”.

Aligarh” is a movie that might require some amount of patience. The two-hour runtime is not long by Bollywood standards, but there is a meditative quality to it that seems to stretch time. Long silences and a lack of background music characterise most of the scenes, and the understated acting only enhances the minimal nature of the film.

Aligarh an attempt to break silence on homosexuality, right to privacy

February 25, 2016

Two of India’s finest actors star in a new Bollywood film that puts the spotlight on homophobia in India, with its makers hoping to rekindle the debate on homosexuality and the right to privacy.

‘Aligarh’ rooted in reality of homophobia in India

October 21, 2015

Marathi-language professor Shrinivas Siras killed himself in 2010, a few days after Aligarh Muslim University suspended him for having consensual sex with a man.

Movie Review: Shahid

October 17, 2013

(Any opinions expressed here are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters)

The best thing about Hansal Mehta’s “Shahid” is that the filmmaker tries to tell a fascinating story. In a way, it is the story of the city of Mumbai — beginning with the riots that followed the 1992 demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, and leading up to the attack on Mumbai that killed 166 people in 2008.

Raj Kumar to play real-life lawyer after ‘Kai Po Che’ success

October 8, 2013

When Raj Kumar signed on for his first Bollywood acting role, the director asked him to lose weight. Kumar was fresh out of film school and determined to make it big, so he started running. And he’s been running for an hour each day since, come rain or shine, even on the notoriously congested roads of Mumbai.