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India’s TV import duty taxes travellers… and grey markets

August 21, 2013

India on Monday imposed a 36 percent duty on flat-screen televisions that travellers bring back from other countries, seen as another step to support a falling rupee. The move, however, will do little to help the economy but will cheer television manufacturers in India and hit grey markets, experts said.

Bold moves, smart timing on rail fares, diesel proposal

January 10, 2013

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Petrol price hike – oil retailers’ logic fails to convince

June 5, 2012

India’s state-run oil marketing companies launched a media blitzkrieg on Tuesday to justify a recent price hike in petrol prices and came out strongly against allegations of profiteering at the consumers’ expense.

The rupee’s fall from grace

May 23, 2012

Indian milk and dairy products producer Amul’s campaign has a new subject — the rupee.

RBI chief challenges “group wisdom” on economy

August 29, 2011

India’s central bank chief Duvvuri Subbarao may not be an established economist or a career banker, but he has a rare set of skills — of an administrator, non-conservative thinker with degrees in physics and economics — who can take on the group wisdom of economists and markets.