Alia Bhatt made her Bollywood debut as a lead actress in the 2012 college romance “Student of the Year”. In February, she won over critics with her performance in the offbeat film “Highway”, playing a woman who starts caring for her kidnapper.

In the romantic comedy “2 States”, which opened in cinemas on Friday, the 21-year-old plays a woman from Tamil Nadu who has to battle cultural stereotypes to marry her Punjabi lover.

Alia, the daughter of Bollywood film-maker Mahesh Bhatt, spoke to Reuters about her role in “2 States”, what the film “Highway” did for her acting career, and why she considers herself “mediocre”. Here are excerpts from the interview:

You are playing a woman from Tamil Nadu in “2 States”. Were there any apprehensions about playing this role?

At first I thought I would really have to work on my accent, but after speaking to my director, I realized that this is a modern Tamil girl and she doesn’t have the heavy accent. Also, there is a justification for it, which is that her family has travelled and she’s moved around a lot.