In a country where styling has not always been recognized as a worthy craft, Pernia Qureshi has put her profession at the forefront of Bollywood fashion.

Qureshi styled actress Sonam Kapoor for 2010′s “Aisha“, ushering in trendy outfits paired with designer handbags that overshadowed the film, a modern-day take on Jane Austen’s “Emma“.

Styling suddenly became serious business and the 28-year-old Qureshi found herself a pioneer in India. The Indian film industry woke up to the trend, shedding its garish costumes, and hiring stylists to mould a more glamorous image for Bollywood’s A-listers. Other celebrities followed suit.

Last year, Qureshi launched Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, an online luxury fashion retailer like Net-a-Porter, stocking designer dresses from all over the country.

She also wrote a book, released on Oct. 30, which is a sort of style bible with do’s and don’ts for fashionistas in India.