Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Passengers onboard Kingfisher Airlines flights are being treated to more than run-of-the-mill announcements for the past couple of days. Pilots employed by the beleaguered airline have devised a unique form of protest.

Just before passengers deplaned, Kingfisher pilots announced they have not been paid for two months and they are still flying purely due to a “sense of duty towards the guest”, local media reported on Thursday.

A civil aviation ministry official travelling on one of those flights went to the cockpit and congratulated the pilots for not resorting to “industrial action”, the Economic Times newspaper said citing a pilot.

This shows a couple of things — the tolerance level of employees at debt-laden airlines in India has not yet reached its peak, and that unless the industry comes up with a plan to run the ailing sector more effectively, it is only a matter of time before things go totally out of hand.

An NDTV story said the announcement by pilots came after a bumpy landing. The two are not related, of course, but parallels have already been drawn online.