Next time you plan a visit to the Qutub Minar, venture beyond its crowded complex. Walk past the parking lot, which is on your left, and take the first right turn. Next to the Qutub Restaurant is an obscured path. Take the path, walk down a few steps and this is what you see:


You are inside the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, located in what was once the first of the seven historic cities of Delhi, dating back about a thousand years. The first structure (see below) is the Metcalfe House, which was once a tomb. Thomas Metcalfe was an agent of the Governor General of India to the court of Bahadur Shah Zafar, India’s last Mughal emperor.


As you move on, you’d find columns to your left and right, guiding you to several structures in this area. This also is a Delhi Development Authority park. Next stop is the Jamali Kamali mosque.

While clicking this monument, I tried to use the sun in the frame, since the sky was dull. And thankfully, these security guards walked in and added some life to my frame.



There’s no dearth of baolis (step wells) in northern India. Below is a picture of Rajon ki baoli, apparently built for masons. Next to it is a mosque. I decided to shoot a silhouette.