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Railway Budget 2014: Reactions from the common man

In his maiden budget, Railways Minister Sadananda Gowda said the bulk of India’s future railway projects will be financed through public-private partnerships and that his ministry would seek cabinet approval for allowing foreign direct investment in the state-owned network. (Click here for Rail Budget highlights)

India Insight spoke to people at the New Delhi railway station for their thoughts on the railway budget:

GOPINATH AGARWAL, 72, from Kanpur

“The idea of bullet trains is a nice thing. I have seen a lot of governments over the years, and I think Narendra Modi’s government will be the best, but we need to be patient with him. I think Modi will be able to introduce bullet trains during his tenure. And it is good that they want to increase infrastructure at railway stations.”

ARSHAD, 32, owns handicraft business

“The government should first focus on improving basic infrastructure before thinking about bullet trains. There is so much rush at train stations. We need more escalators, more fans and benches to sit on. Basic infrastructure should get priority.”

N.R. GUPTA, 64, businessman

“Although it’s a good thing they are hiking the budget for hygiene and cleanliness of the railways, people need to be made aware and responsible as well. They litter, throw wrappers, cups, etc., everywhere. Sweepers cannot clean up after everyone with a broom. Only if people are more conscientious can things change.”

Railway Budget 2010: Reactions from the common man

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