Actor Hrithik Roshan returns as Krrish this Friday in the third instalment of the namesake film series, which pits the Indian superhero against a new villain out to destroy the world. “Krrish 3” opens two days before Diwali, India’s festival of lights and traditionally a time of Bollywood blockbuster movie premieres.

The film, made for an estimated 800 million rupees ($13 million), is coming out in 3,600 movie screens across India — a record — and is expected to pull in crowds with Hollywood-style special effects and a healthy dose of Indian “family values”.

“This is a film that appeals to pretty much everyone, and kids especially. They are the ones who will drag the families in,” said Shailesh Kapoor of research firm Ormax Media. “Also, it is the Diwali weekend, and a time when people are looking for entertainment and willing to spend.”

Diwali is the festival of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, and is traditionally the season for giving sweets as gifts to family, friends and employees. People also invest in gold, buy new clothes or electronic gadgets during the festive season.

“Krrish 3″ director Rakesh Roshan is releasing the film ahead of Diwali, betting that more people will show up than if he waits.