I recently came across this article on the Washington Post.

GERMANY BOOK FAIRBeing a part of a generation that gradually, if with cautious unease, learnt to adjust to the Internet, I could not help but compare India’s policymakers with those of developed nations based on their level of acceptance of changing media.

Frankly, it is difficult to imagine our lawmakers in the same position as described in the article.

For years, when social networking meant visiting friends and family at Christmas and New Year, and Facebook was still a concept, representatives of our democracy would depend on traditional ways to reach out to their electorate.

Rallies would block traffic, fields would fill with squatting populace hanging on to their leaders’ words and newspapers would print carefully penned statements.

Then came the Internet boom and more and more politicians realized the utility of the 24×7 online audience and the tools at their hand to maximize their reach.