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Gurmeet Singh’s “What the Fish” is a comedy about a cranky old woman, her beloved goldfish, and a group of reckless, irresponsible young people who play havoc with her house while she’s away on a holiday abroad.

Sudha Mishra (Dimple Kapadia) is a cantankerous, divorced woman, who is constantly suspicious of everyone and doesn’t trust her own son. She reserves all her affection for Mishti, her goldfish, and her blossoming money plant.

When she leaves India to stay with her son for a month, Mishra entrusts her precious possessions and the house to Sumit (Sumit Suri), her niece’s lackadaisical fiancé. But the minute her plane takes off, the peaceful environs of her house are shattered.

Sumit hosts a party, and later hands over the house to an eloping couple. From here, the house changes hands regularly — being inhabited by a boxer, a rough-and-tough goon, and a motley crowd. In the process, Mishti is killed and replaced; the money plant faces the same fate; and we spend two hours following this seemingly trivial rigmarole.

What could have been a funny episode in a television sitcom is stretched into a full-length film, and at some point, the plot is bound to wear thin. None of the characters evoke any sympathy, and the humour is anything but funny, bordering on the offensive. A man trying to scare a woman who is alone at home, and tricking her into letting him inside is not funny at all.