Of dogs, lizards and Shah Rukh

May 21, 2008

A few years ago, my brother Jose met a girl at an acting workshop in Delhi. He was surprised to learn of her name and couldn’t stop himself from revealing that our neighbour’s dog was also called Sheena.

Aamir KhanBut Sheena wasn’t amused. Having the same name as a cocker spaniel was obviously no honour. She glared at my brother and declared – “The lizard on my wall is named Jose”.

I was reminded of the incident last week when a blog post by actor Aamir Khan revealed that his “smelly” dog had the same name as Bollywood rival Shah Rukh Khan.

“Shahrukh is licking my feet and I am feeding him biscuits every now and then,” Aamir wrote on his blog, before clarifying that he was talking of the dog and not the actor.

Understandably, the post did not go down well with the media and the so-called war between Bollywood’s best known Khans hit the headlines.

Shah Rukh refused to take the bait, choosing instead to accept the remarks with his “sense of humour spirit”.

But several Aamir fans didn’t quite forgive their idol.

Shah Rukh Khan“Are you insecure that you need to resort to such measures?” Isaigal wrote in response to the blog post, which had generated over 5000 comments by Sunday.

“No doubt ur my most favourite actor (but) it sounds like u r jealous of him,” zina_hi5 wrote using abbreviations common in online exchanges.

After his encounter with Sheena, my brother never told strangers about her namesake.

And Aamir later apologized for the “smelly dog” post. I guess he realized it’s best to let sleeping dogs and lizards lie.


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Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry aamir, its too late. You splashed a dirty water on your good image. Everyone came to know what type of person are you. Now everyone knows your nature, character, quality, personality. You have done biggest mistake by passing such joke. You thought you will do great thing by passing such joke, everyone will take this joke seriously the way they took your last comment (SRK is n0. 2). Before this joke you were considered most respected actor. After this joke, SRK is considered most gentleman and nice actor. Indirectly you have helped SRK making lots of new fans. You helped him get lot of love from peoples around the country and globe. You made him more popular than you. Your fans also think SRK is nice person than AAMIR. Now people look at SRK as most humble person. You wanted to bring down SRK by passing such joke. I know you really meant as a joke. You dont have any problem with SRK. You only believe in giving quality movies and we have seen them. Also you dont believe in no. 1 or 2 position. we know that. If you really had problem, we would have come to know in this many years. You never passed any comments on SRK or any other actor in this years. But your timings of passing the joke was wrong. Not only timing but also person. You know when you passed the first comment, everyone felt you are saying true. Because you were actually no. 1. Everyone was tired of SRK boosting that he is number one and BADSHAH KHAN. But you are not aware that your one comment make SRK more humble human being. He became very nice guy. His actual character came out . Character of nice person. But when you passed second comment, your character came out. The only thing i want to say here is its too late to say sorry. You only helped SRK to go far ahead from you from where he is. You dont know there are millions or billions of people who dont watch much movies. they watch movie sometime. say for india, all of them know the bollywood actors, but all are not fans of stars like you or SRK. but all human being see one thing and that is good ness. If a person who is not your and SRK fan makes comparision between you, obviously SRK will be considered as a better person. Please make sure you dont do this type of things again as your image is not good for all things that are happening in your personal life, which is far better in case of SRK. You pelted stone to you own image. I am very sorry for you as SRK is a real BADSHAH. Hats off to him

Posted by zunaid | Report as abusive

I can’t decide whether the commenter above is an Aamir fan, an SRK fan who is hurt, or an Aamir fan that switched to becoming an SRK fan???

Anyway, I’m a fan of both – more so of SRK because I think that AK goes to extremes sometimes with his perfectionism. Then again, I’m a lot like AK so I’m probably just drawn to opposites. These two couldn’t be further apart in personality and character. AK has everything planned out to a perfect, minute detail whereas SRK is more in the moment and spontaneous.

Well, I read AK’s blog (though I normally don’t read it) after it came out in the news and I heard talk from the media that somebody, an SRK fan, could file a defamation case against AK. I quickly commented on his blog about this and warned him about what is possible to happen. Though I know for a fact that SRK would never file such a case since both are very good friends. That’s probably why the blog didn’t bother me. I knew it was a joke and I knew that AK wasn’t saying that about SRK.

Moreover, hats off to the media! I couldn’t believe the way you all got behind SRK and stuck up for him and he didn’t even ask you guys to. That was very sweet of you all I must say. Talk about unity and strength in numbers. I was amazed and I think SRK must be humbled by all your support.

Lastly, I’m still an AK fan and I’m still a die-hard SRK fan. So, this whole incident hasn’t changed anything for me.

Posted by vytor | Report as abusive

i can only sing “Its too late to apologise”

Posted by Mohammad Eram | Report as abusive

That the rivalry between the Khan’s took this nasty twist made me also wonder about my own name. As far as I know it is a popular Persian name of Arabic origin which meaning is to consent (to an agreement), to be satisfied or to be contended. For this reason those who know me will affirm that my name doesn’t quite fit me.

Surprisingly it seems to be also a common Slavic (Hungarian, Czech) female name which of course is disturbing enough wasn’t it for Ronald Giphart’s novel “Ik ook van jou” (I do also) were one of the main characters is a beautiful girl named Reza who seems to be uncertain about her small breasts with a tendency to cut herself and being extremely suspicious and jealous.

Even Aamir’s dog has not been portrayed in this way which makes Sharukh as lovable and loyal as men’s best friend. Thus his mature reaction can be understood and has made him still confirm his status of being every one’s favourite pup. Even the most beloved dog will show his teeth when pushed to it’s limits. The challenge for Aamir is to write that novel featuring a less desirable character who will become an immortal Sharukh.

This all doesn’t change the fact that the name Reza still appears on the list of dog name’s.

It’s a dog’s life!

Posted by Reza | Report as abusive

What Aamir Khan said was extremely offensive to people worldwide. To be calling someone a dog publicly is very, very offensive in my culture and in many cultures of the world. I have no respect now for Aamir Khan and will not be watching anymore of his movies. I hope he loses some of his corporate sponsors because of this type of reprehensible behavior. If not I won’t buy their products anymore either. I saw nothing funny at all in that blog post he made.It seemed very immature and like someone who will do anything to get attention. It did not sound like a joke to me. It was not funny at all. Who knows that there even IS a dog named Shahrukh? He might be making that up too. And even if there is no one said he had to write about it on his public websight and sound so mean to hurt so many people with his comments.It was a lowdown way to get publicity for himself.

Posted by Pooja | Report as abusive

If these blog remarks are genuine, they are outright offensive. One is forced to think why these actors would pass such remarks. They dont even need publicity. Then why stoop to such a level!

Posted by Upasana | Report as abusive

i love srk he is the best
he is the king of the world
without him a movie is not a movie
he is the best
keep rocking srk

love from ur biggest fan yasmin

Posted by yasmin | Report as abusive

ok listen frinds i know amir’s comment wrong , but what about sharuk, u know if u watch OM SHANTI OM then u got how much jealous sharuk became , he insultted hrithik roshan ,(super hero made rescue hoodi baba in om shanti om ,) in his dailog he clearly mentioned if any one wear under wear up on the pant then he cant become a hero , next he insultted manoj kumar (in om shanti om ) this is all becuase of karma , 1 mopre thing sharuk is not actor really his acting is funny ,only 13 to 23 aged people like him , if u know about expression , natural acting . then u got he a business man he know how to promote movie thats all

Posted by NISHITH | Report as abusive

my dog is named ‘aamir’!! 😉

Posted by swasthik | Report as abusive

Hi All,
Aamir is also known as Mr. Perfect but he himself proves he is not. He is a outstanding actor but should also be a good human being. We say Salman is brat but as a person he is so good. Aamir has a habit to interfere in each and every thing be it direction of Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke or editing Salman’s role in Andaz Apna Apna. This time he is against King Khan. There is no need to write about a dog named Shahrukh. It’s not a very big thing. Even i can keep a dog and name him what i want but i will not do it because i know the difference between an animal and a human being.

Pankaj R. Sharma.

Posted by Pankaj R. Sharma | Report as abusive

i have brought a duck and named it aamir. From that time itself, it started quacking so much…i cant tell you….this is just written in good humour. Dont mind.

Posted by Ani | Report as abusive

I was happy with this whole incident and am gonna buy a pup just to name him “Shahrukh Khan”. :)

I have started liking Aamir even more because of this :)

Posted by Jo | Report as abusive