Don’t like this Bollywood film? Get your money back

June 27, 2008

Anti-pimple creams, credit cards, items at department stores — now add Bollywood movies to the list of things with money-back guarantees.

The makers of “Mukhbir,” a new film, are so confident it will do well they are offering a refund (minus taxes, of course) to people who don’t like it.

rupeenote.jpgThe film, a spy thriller, doesn’t really have a major Bollywood star but this promotional offer might just help draw in audiences on the lookout for some free entertainment.

Maybe it will also set a trend for films in India. One where the audience is always right.

Consider a few fictitious examples –

Hey, Shah Rukh Khan looks too old to play a college kid. The plot is implausible. Give me my money back.’

Didn’t like the acting. And the movie was an hour too long. Refund please.

Boring item songs. Pathetic fight scenes. Waste of time. At least I’ll get my money back.

Film producers won’t be too happy to see thousands of people clamouring for their money back. Will they actually pay up?

“Mukhbir” opens in cinemas on July 11. With satisfaction guaranteed.


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Haha! I think this is great. I think other Bollywood producers should follow suit and refund their audiences in retrospect. I would like my money back for the following films- Tashan, Saawariya and Mithya.

Posted by Quench | Report as abusive

people would only wish they could refund for dasavatharam

Posted by vivekanandan | Report as abusive

This is indeed unique. I wish it had come into effect earlier and then I could have got a refund for some useless films that I saw. Especially one particular 3.5 hour film starring six couples, most of whom the director could have done away with easily!!!

Posted by Upasana | Report as abusive

This is a great post

Posted by BOLLYWOOD STAR | Report as abusive

This is gr8 Idea !

Can any plz refund me for Tashan ! :)

Posted by Anand | Report as abusive

I think Ram Gopal Varma should return all that money which we paid for tickets of RGV’s AAG…..

Posted by Rahul Pharande | Report as abusive

i wish this oppurtinity come many years ago. if so i will ask to return my money back for following films
saawariya, salamay ishq, aag, nishabd etc

Posted by Bijay | Report as abusive


Posted by ANGIE | Report as abusive

All Indian media should do this – news channels, soaps and movies. They should pay me for making me sit through their nonsense. They should compensate me for the prolonged mental aggravation and torture that has left me scarred and embittered about being desi. Heck the politicians should pay up too. Tax them for getting rich on our vote, then not doing enough for the nation’s progress. Politicians should be graded, and failing politicians should be fined. :-)

Posted by bajji | Report as abusive

Will the same logic can be extended to the cricket field as well

Posted by King on the move | Report as abusive

In addition to the cinema ticket queue, we could expect ticket refund queue. Police may be needed for the later :-)

Posted by walkytaakie | Report as abusive

People in India are very smart .. even though they like the movie will come back to counter to claim their money back and then say phukat main picture dekhaaa

Probabaly watch another movie with the same money. wat say ???

Posted by ashlesha | Report as abusive

I agree with Ashlesha, but this is just a gimmick I am sure none of us are taking it very seriously. Agar this money back becomes a reality think about where will all the producres go, half of the production houses will be closed. .

Posted by onkar | Report as abusive