Salman not Pappu, he can dance – Aamir Khan

July 5, 2008

It’s official. The ‘Pappu can’t dance’ number in the latest Aamir Khan production wasn’t meant to poke fun at actor Salman Khan.

Aamir, Salman and ImranAamir, with nephew Imran Khan in tow, set the record straight on Salman’s television gameshow ‘Dus Ka Dum’.

In an episode telecast on Friday, host Salman asked Aamir if he was the Pappu referred to in the song in Imran’s debut film “Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na.”

The lyrics refer to someone named Pappu as a “muscular bachelor” with an “MBA” who can’t dance.

Aamir’s answer: Salman cannot be Pappu simply because -

a) Salman does not have an MBA

b) Salman dances extremely well

Well, that surely puts media speculation to rest. But I must say Aamir Khan seems to be having a tough time placating fellow Bollywood actors. One big question remains – does he really have a dog named Shah Rukh?


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I loved the film! The song didn’t really make much sense though. What connection does this song have to Salman Khan of all people? Won’t Aamir rather name his second dog after Salman if he wanted to poke fun at him?

thank you

the film was fabulous and 99% of population loved it and imran has made me his fan imran you acted so well in ur first film and i liked it so much well is there any way to meet you i will try my best to meet you……….

I didn’t like this movie

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I liked the movie very much. Concept is old but it’s been represented so well that you will stick to your chair till the end. Imran Khan and Genelia look really good. Music is really really amazing Hat’s off to A.R. Rehman for yet another magical music album. And about song “Pappu can’t dance” I don’t find anything that is related to Salman in the song. I don’t know why people are connecting Salman with this song; he is not the only guy with “muscular” body in the bollywood and he really dance good.

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I loved the movie, its fandoo and cool and i dunn think it had anything remotely to do with salman khan at all..its good enuf on itself

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This Pappu is salman, what I feel.
Hai Muscular = Yes no doubt
Hai Popular =Yes he is
spacticular = some what
Hai Bachelor = oh Yes
gaadi tej hai = who can forget that speedy road side accident
ladki mein craze = ask any girl, yes
angrej look = definitly
pappu cant dance saala = ironically *****,is this the reason why is he still a bachelor at 40+

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I like the movie because IMRAN is very goodlooking guy.He has done a good job in the movie.

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I love you my love more than love too death …mobile :0096566149935

What is this salman khan and aamir khan biz. I mean when will these stars grow up. I think SRK is the best of all.

lol at tahani!

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