Rani and Preity — Bollywood queens no more?

August 7, 2008

One of my favourite scenes is from the film “Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna”. Actresses Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherjee are walking towards the hero, Shah Rukh Khan, in a crowded New York street.

rani.jpgOne of them is oblivious to his presence and the other is fully aware of it. There is a smile on each woman’s face, but the emotions are different.

It’s not just a beautifully shot scene but also demonstrates the acting prowess of the two leading ladies.

It may also be a rare one.

Both actresses have barely had any releases since KANK in 2006, and even those hardly found favour with audiences.

Preity Zinta’s last release was “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom” in June last year. The actress then got busy with the Indian Premier League and is now on a 40-day ‘Unforgettable’ tour of North America and Europe with the Bachchans.

As for Rani Mukherjee, she’s been unlucky with her recent choice of films. It hasn’t helped that they were all Yash Raj productions and foundered at the box office.”Both these actresses may have ruled Bollywood once, but it’s clear to me that they are on their way out,” trade analyst Taran Adarsh said.preity2.jpg

Zinta has four releases coming up in 2008. But three of them are niche films — Deepa Mehta’s “Heaven on Earth”, Rituparno Ghosh’s “The Last Lear” and Jahnu Barua’s “Har Pal”.

Obviously, there are newer, fresher faces coming in and Bollywood can never be short of heroines.

What makes me sad is that Bollywood is not yet ready for a Meryl Streep or a Michelle Pfeiffer — an actress who can continue acting into her 50s, without ever having to take a break or make a “comeback”.

With their kind of talent, Rani and Preity surely deserve to keep going. Unfortunately, the world of make-believe is as harsh, if not harsher than the real world, and both actresses will have to make their peace with that.


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Hi Shilpa, You might be true but I don’t completely agree with you. Bollywood is changing its attitude towards its leading ladies of late and there is proof enough of the same: What with Madhuri Dixit being coaxed t odo more movies even Sri Devi os planning for a comeback.
As fas as Rani and Preity, I guess they have proved themselves professionally and established enough, currently their focus is more towards personal life and family as they are well into 30s now, so clock’t ticking for them. wait for 5-6 years am sure they will be ready to do a “Meryl Streep or a Michelle Pfeiffer” or Demi Moore acts..

Posted by ONP | Report as abusive

off with the old and in with the new..
what’s there? big deal..

Posted by Anil | Report as abusive

rani is now old enough ,should stop working there is many beautiful new comers who are tall and gourjous there is no need for priety and rani. Abhishek didnt marry her becuase she alot of sex scences and she too short for him. and preit has done alot of botoox and surgery for her face .let the youngesters come to the industry .

Posted by sarah | Report as abusive

[…] a little Michelle mention in an article about Bollywood actresses. Click here to read it. It is from […]

Posted by MichellePfeiffer.US » Blog Archive » Bollywood and Blonsky | Report as abusive

A versatile actress like Rani Mukherji, however hard times she might be facing, will never really go out of the market. Actresses like Shabana Azmi, or Madhuri dixit still carries with themselves the potential to scorch up the celluloid with their histrionics any time they want to. And Rani is still in her prime. Just because a couple of her movies have not ben blockbusters just highlights the tremendous expectations that people have from an actress of her calibre and that is enough to prove her credentials. With the serious section of the movie-goers in India such critically acclaimed actresses will always continue to be in news. True talents never go out of demand. I cannot say convincingly about that of Priety Zinta but as far as the talented Rani Mukherji is concerned she has always been the number 1 and she always will be as long as she wants to be. A couple of blockbusters and she will be back to limelight if thats all thats required to stay consistent and unblemished in a “business” thats trades loyalty every friday.

Posted by steve | Report as abusive

Ya its true i love preity zinta more than any thing .this comment makes me sad but its true time is so powerful,things change 4 good……..may be

Posted by aloke | Report as abusive

hi very nice preity nice nice nice i like you very much for always

Posted by ebim | Report as abusive

You must be crazy. Rani Mukherjee firstly is a much better actor. Preity Zinta is a NOWHERE close. She remains in news for her affairs and her paid press releases. The stupidest among them being the one where she touts being some business woman. Yeah right! People become business men or women just by wearing dark shades and business suits, eh? She has just paid money like so many others who pay money for their investments assuming they will work. It is evident her so called business sense is nil because it is gambling, not business.

She has no commercial movies, no major endorsements, and she has lost money in IPL. As to her affair with Ness Wadia, she is surely getting on the nerves of Maureen Wadia by her leech like clinging on to her son. Cant she get the message? It must be the greed for money and a readymade empire that makes her so desperate.

And finally – have you seen her in that BSNL ad? Does she look like a would b bride? Oh man! what a hoarse manly voice and manly looks!

Preity Zinta should just go away to Shimla and leave the films to all the young, prettier and more talented heroines like Katrina, Kareena, Priyanka, Genalia.

In fact the whole Bipasha, Amishi, Aishwarya, Rani and Preity brigade need to retire. They look OLD spreading their legs and dancing when they ought to be married with babies or doing some character mature roles in the least.

Posted by imli | Report as abusive

Preity was never in the top rung like Rani or Aishwarya or Madhuri. She was a mediocre. I liked her in Dil Chahta hai bu that was it. No great performances. More int he news because of her link ups and affairs. More money and more power is on the radar now. What beats me is what the hell is she doing with Ness Wadia? Why do Bollywood babes at the fag end of their careers start targeting rich guys? What are such women called?

Posted by shimladude | Report as abusive

The guys of indiafm (the above comments) are the stupidiest and……….no word can qualify how stupid are you. Preity a bad actress??? Did you see Dil se, Sangarsh, Kya Kehna, DCH, DHT, KHNH, VZ, Heaven on eart, maybe Har Pal and Heroes..? Katrina, Deep, Kareena… Good actresses?? Are you so ignorant ? So stupid. At the beginning I though Indian medias are Garbage but now Indian chutiya audience are GARBAGE (with SIK,Partner, OSO and others blockbuster )

Posted by Grâce | Report as abusive

I agree with the above poster that preity is the greatest, shes smart n gots lots talent, n still very pretty naturally!

Posted by soapy | Report as abusive