Leave your brains behind for “Singh is Kinng”

August 8, 2008

singh12.jpg I don’t think “Singh is Kinng” will fail at the box-office. The film may work for a number of reasons, but content is not one of them.   

“Singh is Kinng”, which stars Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, epitomises the much used phrase for most Bollywood films — leave your brains behind. The director, writers and the actors in this film certainly did.

 Kumar plays Happy Singh, a bumbling Sikh in a small village in Punjab. He spends his time chasing hens and generally wreaking havoc.

Fed up of his antics, the villagers send him away to Australia on the pretext of bringing back Lucky Singh (yeah, they got really creative with names in this film), a villager who has become a mafia don Down Under, so that Lucky’s ageing parents can meet him.

Accompanying Happy is his friend, Rangeela, played by Om Puri, (it pains me to see one of India’s best actors stuck in such mindless roles). Somehow the duo land up in Egypt, just long enough for Happy to set his eyes on Sonia (Katrina Kaif), fall in love and  do a flashy dance sequence with the pyramids as the backdrop.

Happy now heads to Australia to convince Lucky to give up his erring ways and come back to the village in India.

From here on, the film is a series of accidents, both real and intended. Lucky almost gets killed, Happy takes his place as the King (of what, we are never told) and we realise that random foreigners are trying to kill Happy/Sonia (at this point I didn’t even want to know why).

The climax is predictable. Of the cast, Katrina Kaif performs marvellously – by that I mean she looks ravishing and even manages to speak Hindi, which is what is expected of her anyway. Ranvir Shorey is wasted as her obnoxious fiancé, as is Om Puri. The rest of the supporting cast look the same and act the same, pulling out guns at will and shooting people in crowded malls.

Akshay Kumar is stuck in a role that honestly does nothing for either his comic ability or action skills — but he still performs it with conviction.

Like I said in the beginning, “Singh is Kinng” will probably be liked by a lot of people, and might do well at the box-office. Unfortunately, content is not king here, and our filmmakers seem OK with that.


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It is just another Friday at the box-office… and another Big Banner no-brainer on the screens. Inane is King and our distributors, financers, filmmakers refuse to change the status quo. Long line Singh!

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I don’t think contents are written with true intents. I just watched the movie, with family, in Dubai and the whole hall was jsut laughing all the time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and so did all others.

When you know that “leave your brain behind” we just watch the movie to enjoy. And by the way, every actor has done their bit and were superbly fit into their roles.

Have fun….and be honest…you admitted yourself..you don’t like the movie (???)…but you are sure movie will be sucessful….why double standards…

I hope it gets submitted.

Posted by A movie buffer | Report as abusive

the problem is mainly one thing – Akshaye Kumar is not a Sikh in real life, so it’s impossible for him to portray a convincing Sikh on-screen. It’s not prejudice to point that out, it’s just the facts. In a recent interview he stated that this role was the easiest for him to do because he is Punjabi by origin. But being punjabi is not the same as being Sikh. Being Sikh is something that you feel within and that you’re born with. If you’re born with it and you don’t grow up in that environment, then you can’t portray one convincingly even in reel life (cinema). There’s a reason why the turban is given such high importance and there’s a reason why so many groups are opposed to this movie.

Sunny Deol couldn’t even pull it off, what makes people think that Akshaye could?

If you want to watch the movie, watch it entirely for entertainment purposes and like the article suggests “Leave your brains behind”. Don’t take anything in the film to be a portrayal of Sikhs.

With every passing movie, I’m increasingly convinced that Sikh characters are implemented in Bollywood just like black characters are in Hollywood — the comic characters that everyone likes to make fun of and that say and do stupid babaric like things. It’s an insult. Start giving Sikhs valuable roles. Blacks are finally getting that in Hollywood. It’s about time Sikhs got the same in Bollywood.

Posted by Nav | Report as abusive

Most crappy movie. I hated it in spite of being a pukka punjabi! It’s all hype and ZERO substance. We bought into the hype to watch it and were appalled once the movie proceeded a bit. Finally i had to walk out after watching it for sometime. Some of the people who i’d coaxed into coming with me were cursing me all the time. I don’t know why media hypes up such disgusting flicks. Spending money on such mindless things is a national waste. I’m saying this so that people don’t encourage such pathetic film makers…

Posted by Rana | Report as abusive

There is nothing surprising about this or any other Bollywood movie. They are all dumb and have no real story line. Masala movies or like we say in US, POPCORN Movies.

Bollywood is the worlds largest producer of movies a year but truth be told, 80% of movies are flops. They speaks volumes about the quality of movies.

It would be better if they only made a 100 movies a year but with quality.

Posted by Gabar Singh | Report as abusive

If you criticize bollywood commercial movies of being devoid of content hence without significant value….
in the same manner the content heavy art films &
cross over films can be criticized of being without entertainment value. And i think with lack of entertainment value it can’t qualify as a movie.

While criticizing a movie why does the film critique expect each and every movie releasing on fridays to be full of content.

what i understand that the movie is thoroughly enjoyable…great fun to watch and narrate to friends…….isn’t that entertaining?(serving primary purpose of cinema)

Why is the parameter based on serious message based, sermonic movies that are only fit for National Awards and film festivals.

Don’t despise commercial bollywood movies as they are the spirit of Indian Entertainment Industry..ask for a balance of content and entertainment(appplies to serious movies as well).

Posted by GOURAB | Report as abusive

Empty Vessel sounds much….
Not found fun as expected :)

Posted by Amar singh | Report as abusive

“Leave your brains behind”
The same applies to Om-Shamti-Om.
With ridiculous content and timeless blunder and containing all frustation of khan for other fellow file personalities.

BTW finally court has order removal of Manoj Khan related content from OSO.

Posted by Rajiv | Report as abusive

Correction !!: read Manoj Kumar instead Manoj Khan

Posted by Rajiv | Report as abusive

singh is king is a fantastic movie. and that is a super duper hit movie…

Posted by anil | Report as abusive

I watched Singh is Kinng and liked it. I watch movies for entertainment and SIK is a neat entertainer. We already have so many tensions in life and so many things to think about, why go, sit in a cinema hall and get more questions, tensions and worries! SIK is a relief for all stressed ppl like me.

It made me go in with a heavy mind and come out with a smile and a happy heart. What more do you want from a movie.

Keep your brains aside…do not ask any questions…Just sit back and relax and enjoy whatever is shown on the screen and I bet you will definitely come out with a smile on your face.

Nothing too great about the movie, very ordinary script, no scope for too much acting, very predictable…but still there is something which makes you like this movie.

For me, Singh is Kinng!

Posted by Sushil | Report as abusive

I think the movie was nice. Each movie is different and is made with a different point of view. I think ‘Singh is Kingg’ is supposed to be a hardcore entertainer and it does exactly that. It is just a different genre, that’s all! So lets appreciate it for being that.

Posted by Meenakshi | Report as abusive

Good family film in this world of full of terror and movies full of sex.
A far superior movie than the OM SHANTI OM.

Posted by Ranjeet Virdi | Report as abusive

I found the movie funny and I will run out to get the soundtrack (featuring snoop dogg).

http://711b.wordpress.com/2008/08/11/sin gh-is-kinng-movie-review/

Posted by Lord Siva | Report as abusive

if akshay want to prove himself as the king of bollywood then he has to perfoem some typical type of role in his movies which give some information to our society . now this the major role of all our stars to be king of bollywood by performing a serious role not a such a comic role of SINGH IS KINNG yet movie say something about the sikh religiom but this the time to say and give to all religion …………… so FINALLY i want to say BEST OF LUCK for akhsay for such a family entertainer movie and think akhsay will prove himself by changing his leak

Posted by tiger singh | Report as abusive

For the editor:Shilpa Jamkhandikar
“Leave your brains behind”
The same applies to Om-Shamti-Om.
With ridiculous content and timeless blunder and containing all frustation of Shahrukh khan for other fellow file personalities.

I liked the movie..and i know u must be a Shahrukh Khan fan..thats why u have written such things..

Posted by Jai | Report as abusive

Synopsis :Pure Entertainment for those who are kids but without brains…..Special attractions of the movie : baseless humour,faulty screenplay(a fifth grader may do a better job),lousy characterisation (for talented actors like OM Puri its a shame to play underdeveloped confused character)…..But then if you say its a no brainer and still entertaining…i might start digging into the dictionary to understand which part of the body does it really entertains…

Posted by Vishal | Report as abusive

Singh Is King- must watch movie……….Direction is superb…All the actor did their deed very well….Kumar has once again proven himself by giving superb perfomance…..the only thing is you need to leave your brain at home when you are going to catch the show……

Posted by Sachin M | Report as abusive

As a lover of Bollywood with a bit of cross-culture, I was looking forward to Singh is Kinng!

In the first frames I realized that brains were optional, but fun was included, so I just let go and laughed at Bollywood’s Borat, his ‘naive’ hitmen and ‘good intentions’ and had fun.

It was utterly silly, but well-shot with some decent choreography, and I never saw so many men dancing in turbans and tight suits, so I enjoyed it.
As long as you know you’re in for a farce, even by Bollywood standards,Singh is King, at least for three hours.

Posted by Judi Jordan | Report as abusive

Leave apart all the comments calling this film a zero substance.i think all these people are either jealous of sikhs might,bravery ,aura,happy go jolly nature or are just negative thinkers.Akshay might have a done a mindless role but the character provides a 2 hour of uninterrupted smiles and stomach aching laughter,which is missing in most of the lives these days..not to forget rangeela (Om puri and other gangsters,julie who complemented him so well).
All of my friends,family watched the movie and it filled us with joy and hilarious instincts.The songs are great,except bhootni ke and talli hua but the rest make up for their shortcomings.And not to forget the snoop dogg’s and akshay’s singh is king feat(yaari hai jan ehna di…) gave a blast to the movie’s publicity.Even the americans,canadians might look out for the Singh with the big snoop daddy.
I also read a comment showing concern why sikhs are always portrayed in comedian roles and blah blah!!! Even if this was true,this film reflects a change in that ideology Singh is kinng portrays a sikh as the hero of the film.Sikhs might complain about the trimmed beard but at the same time, this film truly shows the sikhs in a very positive way,the film’s dialogues clearly states the importance of having a well tied turban and untrimmed hair,beard for a pure sikh.And everyone would accept that Akshay looks awesome adorning turban and kalgi clad with diamonds on it,katrina with a sardar looked so different and both really look like a king and a queen.
I think the sikhs should actually be proud of the fact their community has been finally been shown and perceived in its right sense.Now there could be young sikh guys emulating akshay and no wonder many girls would now be after them looking for sardar boy friends,movie is going to trigger a new fashion sense among sikhs,colourful designer turbans,kalgis..even i would love to adorn a one but alas i dont know how to tie a one!! After the phenomenal succes of Singh is kinng we can easily expect more movies being portrayed on sikhs,may be even true sikhs portrayed as heroes of films.Sikhs as heroes in bollywood!!! all sikhs must really be proud of this fact and directors wouldn’t complain ,after all its a big profit business stunt.

Posted by rahul | Report as abusive

the movie was a hit n as a punjabi luv it!

Posted by soapy | Report as abusive