The claws are out in Bollywood

August 14, 2008

kareena-pc.jpgThere was a time when Bollywood used to be politically correct. Phrases like “We are like family”, “I had a blast working on this film” and “We are just friends” formed an integral part of any celebrity interview. Being a Bollywood star inevitably meant being nice.   

But things have changed. The claws have come out and it’s all about saying it like it is.

So while Salman Khan admits he can’t stand the sight of Shah Rukh Khan, Bipasha says she didn’t really get along with Deepika or Katrina Kaif.

John Abraham reveals he doesn’t get along with Salman and even the ever diplomatic Amitabh Bachchan says the “fraternity” is trying to sabotage his Unforgettable Tour.

Celebrity spats do make for good copy and helps journalists run into reams of newsprint talking about the various wars going on in the Indian film industry. And it also makes Bollywood a much more interesting place.

For years we have been given the impression that Bollywood is one big happy family, where everyone respects each other, loves each other and can’t live without each other.
Of course, we always knew that wasn’t true. But now you have Bollywood stars coming out in the open and saying it.

With a few exceptions.

Take Priyanka Chopra for instance. She denied her “problems” with Kareena Kapoor for a long time, until Bebo herself came out and said it. Or Aishwarya Rai, who didn’t talk about her problems with Shah Rukh Khan even when it was obvious Khan didn’t want to work with her.

I only hope this new trend in Bollywood sticks. It sure makes life much more interesting.


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Well, healthy competition is ok, but if gets to the stage where top stars end up bickering, squabbling and pulling every dirty trick in the book to put down the star they don’t get along with, then this new trend is not a very good thing for Bollywood. And why should only quarrelling Bollywood stars make for good copy? There’s so much going on in tinsel town, with plenty of work for everyone – so much to read and write about. Its a relatively small industry where everyone knows everyone else, so its sad if two co-stars who whould otherwise have scorched the screen will never be seen together simply ‘coz they don’t like each other!!

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To Sen. well, good point!

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Groupism is at its ever high just like inflation. Groupism has always been present in the background, but now we can see its ugly head. Groupism is present in other industries too, whether it be in the name/form of religion, clubs, sects, fair complexion-dark complexion, statewise – North, South, East, West, upper caste-lower caste……and the list goes on…. At least on the eve of Independence, now that we have had independence for the lat 61 years we should learn how to respect OURSELVES and THE PEOPLE AROUND US. We need to trample on this Groupism to let the true creativity and positivity surface, to see light in its true essence.

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I find Akshay Kumar perfect in this regards allthough he had or has numerous affairs with co-actresses he never bad mouthed about other actors.

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Well the actors always endevour to gather attention which we call “MEDIA STUNT” whoever coined that term???
I disagree with the adoption of western mentality and culture in bollywood where “slagging people off” is a norm or call it a common theme. On the other hand for us Indians culture and respect top the priority list! For an actor who sets an example for the rest of the 1bn indians it can be argued that it isnt correct to be going around slating colleagues etc

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SHORTCUT (now being followed by most bollywood stars and some politicians too)

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You see this article is very upfront and truthful….we all know stars won in movies for three reasons to entertain, to make money, and to get famous. Now my favorite actor and actress don’t wont to work woth each other, and they are Aishwarya Rai and Shahrukh Khan, and it really hurts me to see that Bollywood’s top actor and actress to have so many differences while they have so much in common. For example they both are the best in what they do, they both have wax statues in London, and Shahrukh Khan was chosen Sexiest Man around the same time Aishwarya Rai was chosen World’s Most Beautiful Women. So why all the hatred??? The public only wants answers. Either you give us the answers or you come in movies, I really think if both Shahrukh and Aishwarya come in any movie they that movie would become blockbuster like Devdas. I mean they were supposed to come together in Chalte Chalte, Asoka, Main Ho Na, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

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Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai were also supposed to be in Veer Zaara as she was supposed to take the role of Rani Mukherjee.

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