Why I watch ‘Bigg Boss’

September 1, 2008

Yes, yes, judge me all you want, but “Bigg Boss” now forms part of my daily routine. I make sure I get home well before 10 pm, watch the whole episode, without touching the remote and discuss details with colleagues/friends the next day.

bb.jpgIt’s not that I am a reality show junkie — because I am not. I can’t stand most of the singing/dancing/laughing shows that inundate Indian television. “Bigg Boss” is a different story altogether.

For one, the show is full of people who want to “correct” their image and it’s fascinating how they go about doing it.

Rahul Mahajan wants to remove the stigma of his divorce but insists on sleeping in the girls’ room at 3 am and flirting with every girl in sight.

Monica Bedi has just got back from being on the wrong side of the law and wants to prove she is a law-abiding citizen, yet she insists on breaking rules inside the house and has to be warned by Bigg Boss.

Sanjay Nirupam went on about how he wanted to change the image of politicians in the house, but I think he just made it worse.

All this makes for very riveting TV. Add to it brewing romances, simmering rivalries and lots of nasty comments in each hourly episode and you would understand why the average human mind would be interested.

If you’d told me a month ago that I would feel strongly about Sambhavna Seth or Raja Chaudhary, I’d have laughed out loud. That’s changed now. Names like Debojit and Ketaki Dave now have some amount of significance in my life.

And this is really the reason I watch “Bigg Boss” — it’s one show that’s managed to make non-personalities into television stars. And that’s saying something in an industry where there are too many of those.


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i also watch BigBoss, like Shilpa i was the last person to ever watch TV serials. But Bigboss for no reason has become my daily fix before sleep apart from news.
the reason is simply the interplay of unedited human survival instincts which unlike all those staged and sympathy garnering music and dance contests can not do.
the big lesson coming out is that in a closed community you may emerge as a leader by trying to appear helpful and do good but the threat it genertes binds subgroups like a glue . Watch the masterstroke of Ashu and Raja in actually succeeding to eliminate the Rahul and Monica combine.The otherwise docile Ehsaan and Zulfi caliberated the MR code most creatively.the most unlikely individuals emerge most favoured leaders as in politics since they shunned limelight, avoided controversy, were prepared to bide time and threatened noone.

Posted by rajiv | Report as abusive

Why I don’t watch Bigg Boss… It is a COPY of Big Brother. India lost its originality a long time ago (that was seen in the old black and white films) and have nothing new to offer!! Story lines, titles, songs, lyrics and many more are copied. Where is the classical music, saries, indian culture?? What a shame!!!

Posted by Raj | Report as abusive

i don’t know what this reality show is all about, Bigg Boss, or whatever.i never saw this flick.

Posted by pradeep athavale | Report as abusive

Yes, Shilpa, I agree with you… I like the idea of the media itself providing a platform to those very individuals who were pilloried by them in the first place.

Posted by Madhu | Report as abusive

The reality show.. And that too in a country like India, which is the most hypocrate country in the world.

Well, the Big Boss season 2 is nothing new than this.. But, it has so many things to offer for everyone. If you are there to kill your time and need an option to C-grade news channels and their gossip news, Big Boss is here. If you are an exhausted job-doer and want something which plays in social as well as political then you can have a doze in Big Boss, you may actually relate yourself into any of the character and would test how the things are getting placed with you.. If you are not interested in any of this stuff then also why it may attract you is the idea or the theme which at first sight looks boghus and copied but in a Hypocrate country like India, this is what is showing the actual India..

If you say you dont like shows like Big Boss then you must be into something of higher Level than this.. People generally avoid things which are exactly showcasing their personality or something which can expose their kind of mindset to the others in Family or the friends group.

As per me, Big Boss is though a hypocrate Reality show, which is actually showing only the gossip-potential part of an entire day, one can have an insight and ask what if he/she is placed in a such an environment for some 84 days and then how the personality gets bent.

The show is for people who takes “parts and pieces” from this show as a learning as a dose of socio-psycho-politico model.

Posted by Nishit Jani | Report as abusive

As far as i believe contestants like Payal Rohatgishould have not been a part of Bigg Boss coz the very essence of the show is getting ruptured. This is a reality show and shud allow people who really allow the people to see who you are.. And as far as we see Ms.Rohatgi is a pretentious
woman, camera conscious, trying to get all the footage, promoting herself coz she’s a C grade actress- What has she got that big attitude for?? Is Bigg Boss all about such indecent people?? Its amazing to see Ms. Rohatgi flirt and display her skin openely.. Wud request some decency @ National Television!!

Posted by Tuhi | Report as abusive