Fashion — clichéd, but watch it for Priyanka

October 31, 2008

Fashion is suddenly a huge part of our lives. Models, fashion shows, haute couture, prêt and wardrobe malfunctions are dominating news headlines and beauty contests are springing up even in small towns across India.

That is why Madhur Bhandarkar’s “Fashion”, which makes an attempt to take a long hard look at the world of fashion, with its pressures and pitfalls, is a topical film.

Priyanka Chopra plays the part many girls must be living out at this very moment — a small-town girl who wants to make it big as a model. She rebels against her parents and comes to Mumbai.

She makes the rounds of auditions, parties and photographers, gradually realising the fashion world was not as glamorous as she imagined.

But her ambition is far too strong to let her take notice of these minor glitches. She is determined to make it big. Along the way, she makes friends with Rohit, a designer’s assistant and Janet (Mughda Godse), a small-time model.

She also falls in love with Manav (Arjan Bawa), a fellow struggling model, but the relationship can’t stand the pressures of their careers. Her big moment comes when she catches the eye of Abhijeet Sarin, the owner of a big fashion brand. She moves to the top league but loses out on friends along the way.

Director Bhandarkar has his intentions in the right place and from the first few frames, I thought I’d get to see a hard hitting, no holds barred look at the world of fashion. What I did get though was a whole lot of clichés and a predictable storyline. Bhandarkar includes a whole lot of subplots, introduces a whole lot of characters, but unfortunately, tells us nothing new.

There is the mandatory gay designer (Sameer Soni), the model taking drugs (Kangna Ranaut), the socialites, the businessmen, the front row elite, the photographers — but the film just seems to skim the surface. There is none of the impact that Bhandarkar’s films “Chandni Bar” and “Page 3” had.

How I wish Bhandarkar had given us a glimpse of the mind of a model — the pressure to look good, the crazy working hours, and the politics, rather than just telling us it exists. I wish he had made a much more honest film, merely because Priyanka Chopra deserved one.

As Meghna Mathur, the protagonist, she is at once innocent, ambitious, in love, angry, jealous, arrogant, and defeated — delivering each emotion with such intensity you feel for her at all times.

This performance has awards written all over it. I wish it had been backed by a more rounded script — that would have been the icing on the cake.

As for Kangna Ranaut — she plays the violent, schizophrenic Shonali Gujral to the hilt — but what is it with her and crazy, suicidal roles? I’d like to see her in a “nice” film for a change, in which no knives or drugs are involved.

The rest of the cast is competent enough, except for Arbaaz Khan as Abhijeet Sarin, who has one single expression throughout. Watch “Fashion” for Priyanka Chopra, otherwise, this one has nothing new to offer.


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Fashion is in this world but here Madhur Bhandarkar has created his own world and defined fashion. He has shown what he thinks from his mind. The major drawback is that the film goes far from reality. He had done wonders in Chandni Bar and Corporate where he showed characters that were related with the subject. The story goes very slow, looses it’s grip and also the expectations that we have from a MB film. Film could be easily edited as it becomes unbearable. A family seated beside me had the patience to watch it till interval but after that even God was not able to pull them back. Zoooom they go saying Tata to Fashion and i was relaxed as i kept my helmet and jacket on thier empty seats and had a very nice sleep. When the lights were on i felt refreshed. So Fashion gives good sleep but expensive one.
For Madhur…please work on your script, keep the story intact,do not give loop holes and the very main thing …. its not necessarry to give footage where it is not required. Watch Chandni Bar and you will come to know what i mean to say. Better luck next time….you have it..come on …bounce back !!!!

Posted by Pankaj R. Sharma | Report as abusive

See i not agree with the earlier writer, but yes agree some how movie can be more edited and give some more glipmse inside it , but yes the movie has scracth the bitter and some how real part of fashion and as far as part Priyanka role is concern any model can resemblance on every stage of her part may be at intial fight with her father than relation with his male model and than with Arbaz as a boss. But the jack in the spake is truely KANGANA the role she resemblence is very touchy and lovely which may be quite understand by her commiting suicide at end. THE worst face of this glamoriuos life which ends once that glamour gone. As i was watching this movie the professionalism and never to give up attitute by Priyanka gives me a lession in my own profession. I think watch it not only for FASHION but also for any profession u posses and life u live.. HAts off to all team of FASHION. Will like to see once more hope i do it soon.

Posted by Amit Daga | Report as abusive

Madhur Bhandarkar Sir has always given movies which has to do something with the dark side of the society. This time also he has directed movie like Fashion. The fashion industry always looks very glamourous, the models working there always look great but the hard core fact remains at the back. The movie Fashion has brought these things in the public how basically one has to suffer or to go through to be in a fashion industry. Lots of hardwork, pressure, committment and sincerity is there behind the success of the film. Congratulation to the whole team of the Fashion.

Posted by Divya Joshi | Report as abusive

Can someone please tell this filmmaker that there can be myriad colours and a whole lot of shades of grey between black and white? I can’t understand why they call his movies hard hitting! His take on most things real is nothing more than caricaturish, if I may coin a word like that. My advice: Try reviving Tom & Jerry, it’s a space that only someone with your skills can fill.

Posted by Madhu | Report as abusive

I like u Priyanka…love u very much . u r gorgeous

Posted by wajid | Report as abusive

hi i am harsh and i want to become a famous model. And i do anything for that tell me wat i do for u to become a model………….harsh

Posted by harsh | Report as abusive