Yuvvraaj: A brilliant score let down by a lacklustre script

November 21, 2008

Setting out to create a Bollywood blockbuster? Just make sure you have all the right ingredients — big budget, famous actors, foreign locales, fabulous music.

Wait, something’s missing — yes, the script.

Unfortunately for Subhash Ghai, the era of formula films has long gone and even the most ambitious project can’t afford to take it easy in the writing department.

And that’s where “Yuvvraaj”, the 18th film by a director known as Bollywood’s ‘Showman’, fails despite liberal doses of Ghai’s trademark opulence and grandeur.

Essentially the story of three brothers, “Yuvvraaj” revolves around the free-for-all that ensues when a London-based billionaire dies, leaving behind his fortune to autistic son Gyanesh Yuvvraaj (Anil Kapoor).

It’s a bitter blow for estranged sibling Deven (Salman Khan), who has been struggling to make  ends meet as a chorus singer in a Prague orchestra. He also needs the moolah to impress sweetheart Anushka’s (Katrina Kaif) wealthy father who is not too happy about their relationship.

And so Deven trudges back to the Yuvvraaj family’s London mansion, from where he had been kicked out twelve years earlier. He finds it infested with his dead mother’s relatives, all eyeing a share in the family property.

Youngest brother Danish (Zayed Khan) is a reckless youngster, spending more time in casinos and clubs, coming to his senses only when his debts mount.

So while simpleton Gyanesh whiles away time throwing footballs in the living room, Deven and Danish become partners-in-crime, thinking of ways to wrest his riches. But will blood ties prove stronger than the lure of money?

By a happy coincidence, Gyanesh turns out to be a musical genius and is just the kind of singer cellist Anushka wants for her orchestra’s concert in Austria.

As “Yuvvraaj” moved inexorably towards its predictable climax, I couldn’t help but marvel at the exquisite vistas and grandiose concert halls of Prague and Austria — certainly more interesting than anything the film’s insipid dialogues could offer.

Not that the acting is impressive.

Both Salman and Zayed overact. Katrina Kaif pouts, dances and blithely plays the cello. As for Anil Kapoor, he does have his moments as the autistic savant but is still no match for Dustin Hoffman in the 1988 Hollywood film “Rain Man”. And the supporting characters end up as mere caricatures.

So is “Yuvvraaj” that bad? Well, if it were not for A R Rahman’s music, I would say yes.

Rahman breathes life into an otherwise tedious film, paving the way for a dazzling array of orchestra sequences inspired by Indian and Western classical music.

It’s perhaps the maestro’s best work since “Taal” in 1999, which was also a Subhash Ghai musical.

But “Yuvvraaj” falls way short of the symphony created for it and even the masked revellers and flamenco dancers that mysteriously appear in many a dance sequence can’t really salvage the film.


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this film is waste of time.

Posted by kaif | Report as abusive

Dull. Ghai seems to be caught in a time warp, his time seems to have well and truly passed. The dialogue is pedestrian. It is a waste of time, and money.

Posted by anand | Report as abusive

Exactly my sentiments. Same could be said of Taal. I haven’t seen this film, but I believe you Tony when you said it’s bad.

Posted by kapil | Report as abusive

Well, i was apprehensive before reading the above review. but after readin the review i’ ll certainly not going for it!

I don’t have extra money and time to waste on this film.

Posted by Kanika sharma | Report as abusive

Hi All,
Thank You, because after reading the comments i will not go to watch the movie. Seems, it has everything, what it lacks is script. Big starcast, good locations all these are secondary. The story is the soul of a film and YUVRAAJ lacks it. Even the music will not save this film, not because A R Rehman’s music is bad, he has done a wonderful job. The reason for this is that the music is not promoted. Only GOD can save this film or Ghai should pray that Rehman floats it as he did it in TAAL. But, every day is not a Sunday. Thanks for saving my Sunday.

ADVICE – Ghai, please don’t work in Ghai ( haste ), give yourself time to work on script. All the best.


Posted by Pankaj R. Sharma | Report as abusive

I think second half is much better than first one but one thing is good about movie is the act done by anil and finally i think katrina start acting not much but signs of acting seen in YUVRAJ, go for kat, anil and salu rest is just guest. and also Mithun Ji looks cool.

Posted by Amit Daga | Report as abusive

This movie’s trash…
What was subhash ghai thinking?
I went to watch the 10.30 pm show, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It took many scoops of Baskin robbins and one stiff coffee to keep me awake through this.
It looks like something one would see in a disjointed, disconnected dream. Something straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Except that I prefer the March hare to Salman Khan’s hamming:(

Posted by anu | Report as abusive

Yuvraaj should have been a mega serial instead of being a feature film.

Posted by Srinivas | Report as abusive

i don’t know abt u guys but i surely liked it…the performances by Anil, Sallu n Kat were wonderful……music was cool n not 2 forget the cinematography, which was awesome

Posted by kanika | Report as abusive

movie sucks n above all salman khan sucks in this movie big time flop …

Posted by lafantar | Report as abusive

i don no abt u guys but i liked the movie and
comparing to sharukh OM shanti om it is faboulous
and the music is maestro work of ar rehmanas he always does.
i give 3.5 out of 5 to it

Posted by NIMESH | Report as abusive

I have always liked subhash ghai movies..even the flop ones.I am sure that sumthing wud be interesting …for sure ..

Posted by Ashish | Report as abusive


Posted by SWETHA | Report as abusive

@ Swetha,

Theres no harm in being a fan of Salman. But the fact is Yuvraaj is the biggest flop for Salman Khan this year. And no matter what u say, at the end Salman is the one who has to stop overacting

Posted by Chinmaya | Report as abusive

Lets not blame any of the stars of the film, I think Subhash Ghai, the so called showman, should retire, or else he will end up making movies like Dev Anand.

Posted by S. Bhasker | Report as abusive

I like the film yuvvraj i think it is the best salman khan movie there are others also but i like it the most
heart touchng story inspired by rain man (hollywood) i like the story , the script , the casting, the role of katrina kaif (my favorite), salman khan i like the most

“just an aaawesome movie”

Posted by playboy007 | Report as abusive