Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi: Average, disappointing fare

December 12, 2008

He’s a face in the crowd — an ordinary government clerk. She’s a young, bubbly girl. They get married because of a twist of fate. The girl says she can never love him. But, he’s madly in love with her and sets out on a mission to woo her. That, in a nutshell, is the story of Aditya Chopra’s “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi”.

The problem is he takes all of three hours to tell you this, when the end is blatantly obvious in the first ten minutes. Along the way, the audience is subjected to meaningless songs, fight sequences with sumo wrestlers, lots of corny dialogue and references to past Yash Raj films.

To woo Taani, played by newcomer Anushka Sharma, protagonist Surinder Sahni (Shah Rukh Khan) gets himself a makeover, turning into a fast-talking, flashily dressed obnoxious character called Raj (Yash Raj seems to have a patent on this name).

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Raj partners Taani in a dance competition that she is keen on winning, without letting on that he is her plain, boring husband.

The film is a romance, one that attempts to show that an ordinary man can love extraordinarily. It succeeds in parts, especially in the beginning and the end, but falters in the middle, mainly due to an awry screenplay and corny dialogues, aided in no less measure by some indiscriminate hamming by Shah Rukh Khan as Raj.

He is far more endearing as the simpleton husband, bringing little nuances to his character that make you instantly sympathise with him. Anushka Sharma brings a freshness to her character that makes her eminently likeable. Vinay Pathak as Surinder’s friend Bobby Khosla is a bit over-the-top, but then that’s how his character is supposed to be.

At the end, what you get is an average film that has some better-than-average moments. Coming from a director who made India’s most loved film “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” and made us wait for a good eight years since his last project, this is a disappointing watch.


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Posted by raju | Report as abusive

I saw Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, and found it boring and predictable. The dialogues and theme are repeated from earliar Yashraj Films. I was expecting a lot from Shahrukh and Aditya Chopra jodi. I came out disappointed. the New Girl was ok and pleasant to watch and she did not have a strong character also. the film falters in the script as to how the girl suddenly sees god in the hero. there are hardly any moments between Surinder and Taani to believe that. the two songs “Haule Haule” and “Dance pe dance” are peppy and catchy and hummable. I think this film made with people of small towns in North.

Posted by Sunita Didwania | Report as abusive

This movie had potential but was boring and disappointing. Only pleasant thing I found were the shots of Amritsar.

Posted by Sonali | Report as abusive

I think the review is excessively hard on the movie. People go to theatre to relax and entertain themselves and they found the movie very entertainng and engrossing. So please dont review it from the perspective of a critic. and as the saying says,” It is much easier to be critical than to be correct.”

Posted by Saket | Report as abusive

All we wanted to see the relaxing 3 hours with no load on your mind, there so many fils around but this was cool one, the cinematography has taken most of credit, you can not always expect the film with super heroes, I think its one time watch .. but still good to see SRK back on screen .. with his dumbo look he is cool . the new lady has done fair enough for her character in the film.. and who can forget vinay patahk ..

I guess you musty go and watch once , not becuase its the best fiel or all so .. it just because you will be refreshed with life in the movie that has been put by Aaditya chopra and SRK jodi..

Posted by Somesh | Report as abusive

i saw the film last night and is its the most pathetic film i have seen in recent times,boring and slow.sharukh looks awful,time for a change.

Posted by vijay | Report as abusive

It just couldn’t glue me on the film. There were some good moments that is all. Lets be honest, overall it does not stand out as a good movie…it is a ok movie.

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

the film was pathetic enough and no new things… do not know why srk was not speaking words clearly throughout the story. u can afford to watch the movie for first 10 mins, then its a good pill for sleeping.

Posted by Umesh | Report as abusive

I saw the movie here in Berlin, Germany. I found the movie average, of course with some really good dialogues and scene. But other than me Germnas enjoyed the movie a lot. Especially scenes where Sharukh is irritated by his tight jeans. The germans had a blast, I even saw tears during the romantic scenes…

Posted by Purv | Report as abusive

Pathetic movie of all time. Has acted with a girl half his age. Time has come for shahrukh to sit at home..

Posted by Rehaan | Report as abusive

Hi, to all guys and gals who have posted their comment so nicely. They are not a critics writter but some of our friend wanna to show their superb ability of their writting skills. Thanks.

Posted by Musaddique. | Report as abusive


Posted by sandy | Report as abusive

Worst Movie ever Watched,
Waste of time going to this movie.
I Advice to wait for good Movies.

Posted by Krishna | Report as abusive

Just sharukh pretend and publisize himself .. He do not himself know how is his movie all about.

It is a show game in bollywood.. and sharukh is taking the crown of king by saying it again n again in interviews… I m the king .. I m the king.. People do what they see….

Posted by kapil | Report as abusive

The film was below par with a good dose of overacting from Shah Rukh Khan.

The girl seemed O.K. but the reasons for her not loving her husband whom she just married was not well illustrated.

There were a few good scenes and laughs but was in general a drab and dissapointing movie. How someone so shy could transform into a brash,cocky character is not clear.

Posted by Raji Mathew Varghese | Report as abusive

melodious songs.
but average

Posted by aditya | Report as abusive

Hi Friends!!!

I like the movie for reasons, which I want to share here. Movie highlights the love of an innocent person and his desire to make his wife a happy person what ever may be the consequences. Suri’s is eternal love. Music score is excellent. Great songs and choreography. Movie revolves with just 4 characters played by 3 persons. Is not that a great peace of work. In spite lack of shootings in exotic locations, movie is interesting. What can I tell you about the new comer. Anoushka Sharma is just beautiful. She is young a lovely, lively, chubby-chubby and bubbly lady. She has a great smile. She has set the stage fire. To me she was the most interesting character of the movie.

You know what, for many things or events in our life, there are no reasons to them and we just say it all god’s grace or god’s effect. If we can watch the movie keeping this in mind, I would say this would be one of the greatest movie. I don’t understand what is the problem with people who accept god in their real life several times but not on a silver screen for just few hours.

I am confident that this movie will make and break records. I am sure, Anouskha will prove to be another Madhuri Dixit or even beyond. Good Luck!!!

Cheers, have fun, raghav

Posted by raghav | Report as abusive

very interesting film….watched it 3 times

Posted by anoop | Report as abusive

I would like to say this movie good entertaining and family movie. You must watch it.

Posted by Fairoz | Report as abusive

I was waiting for box oofice results, now movie declared super hit.
now we can see positive comments are comming.
This movie is really different from other Bollywood movies, thats why Oscar Library showing intrest in this movie.
whoever didnt like movie, i request to go again & watch it, i m sure this time you enjoy it!!!!!!

Posted by Eram | Report as abusive

This movie is not boring at all. If anyone had to rate it will be 8/10.Its about love of ordinary man to extraordinary women. It’s about expectation n commitment.
Raj is Tanny’s expatiation, the man she want to be part of her life and Suri is her commitment. Suri wins at last. New comer Anoushka Sharma is just beautiful charming but struggling with life n she was not expected that she will be marry to simply middle class person like Suri. We are becoming a habitual of sex n violence but this is ordinary love story. Anoushka dance well but Shahrukh Aging factor. Locations n Punjabi dialogs are coo.

Posted by Kuldip | Report as abusive

Obnoxious! Superficial! Silly! Can’t believe it’s from Aditya Chopra. Makes me wonder if DDLJ was a fluke…

Posted by me | Report as abusive

I love Anoushka Sharma; she has done a good role. But why these stories are not real?

Posted by Avesh Siddhu | Report as abusive

I didnt undesratnd one thing-SRK plays a simple man with a very ordinary dressing style,hairsyle etc etc but when it comes to dancing the ‘simple man’ becomes an athlete…dances superbly and perfectly……

This is what SRK misses…getting into the character….he seems to be acting as SRK no matter what character hes in..just the dilaogues are those of the character..expressions,style everything…is of SRK
ans this is where amitabh,aamir even akshay score over him when it comes to acting..
otherwise he’e the best entertainer we ever had..

Posted by Anubhav | Report as abusive