Ghajini: Aamir’s most commercial film yet

December 25, 2008

This is a first. Aamir Khan has gone the Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar way — the actor in him has given way to the star. He’s finally starred in a film that totally rides on his star power and as you discover once you’ve watched “Ghajini”, it’s not such a bad thing after all.

Khan plays Sanjay Singhania, a telecom tycoon, who we are told suffers from short-term memory loss. Singhania’s memory is wiped clean after every 15 minutes and to keep himself updated with his life, he has to continuously take pictures of his surroundings, write notes to himself and tattoo important facts on his torso.

All these important facts pertain to his one aim — killing the man who murdered the love of his life. The story moves back and forth, narrating Sanjay’s gradual revenge as well as the events that led up to it.

As it turns out, Sanjay was an ordinary man, albeit a rich one. He falls in love with upcoming model Kalpana (Asin), but doesn’t reveal his background. Director A. R. Murugadoss takes too much time setting up their romance and dwelling on it. In between, there are some melodious songs by A.R. Rahman that involve the lead pair cavorting around random sand dunes and declaring their undying love for each other. The romance track doesn’t add any value to the film; rather it just slackens the pace.

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The actual plot, about Sanjay taking revenge, comes alive only midway through the second half.

Director Murugadoss had a choice here — he could have made a masala Hindi film, with all the trappings of song-and-dance and drama, or he could have made a slick, taut action thriller. He chooses to go for the former, and to be fair, does a pretty decent job. I do wish he had paid more attention to developing Sanjay’s character, because it does lend itself to some very interesting interpretations. For instance, I would have loved to see how he develops from a suave tycoon to a crazed revenge-seeking beefcake. The “eight-packs” are mere external reflections of what should have been a more defined track in the film.

Both the lead heroines really need to work on their accents, but otherwise do an adequate job. Not that they are expected to do any more. Because ultimately, “Ghajini” is an Aamir Khan film through and through. Whether you like it or you don’t, the credit or the blame must go to him and him alone. As the revenge obsessed lover, or the amnesiac, he is brilliant. As the shy boyfriend, he is his old self — from “Dil” and “Ishq”. The only place you cringe is when he sports a Mohawk haircut and crazy-looking clothes in a song sequence. The fight sequences aren’t very imaginative, nor are the dialogues.

Watch “Ghajini” if you are an Aamir fan, or even if you are looking for some light-hearted entertainment. Don’t expect a typical Aamir Khan film though and you won’t be disappointed.


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Posted by vijay.bhatt | Report as abusive

The movie is not really up to the mark…
The actions scenes are too loud which even makes you wonder if you are watching a tamil movie.
The plot has a lot many flaws and conflicts which raises a few questions and don’t go with the ‘Perfectionist’ image of Amir Khan..
A.R.Rahman’s music also fails to impress except ‘Hai guzarish’…

Posted by Sayan Bhattacharya | Report as abusive

I cant think of any other movie since I watched ‘slumdog Millionaire’, it is one of the best piece of work. A Must Watch. forget Ghajini or Rab ne Bana Di Jodi.

Posted by Mariyam Salman | Report as abusive

The movie is a complete hit!!! and is anything but a “light hearted entertainment”.
The scene where sanjay has to witness his girlfriend’s brutal murder was heart wrenching…the audience drew a collective gasp when the girlfriend was killed and applauded when ghajini was killed by sanjay.
There was no scene in the entire movie where one may feel restless or bored.
Aamir’s anguished lover + anterograde amnesic character was flawless and in defence of his colourful attire in “behka”….it was a dream sequence people!! and plus he looked extremely adorable!
And lastly the director is south indian so its quite normal to expect a little tamilian action movie touch!

ghajini lingers as a good feeling when you leave the theater…because of the good over evil message plus creates mental health awareness a hitherto unexplored territory in serious Indian cinema.

Posted by shruti | Report as abusive

Ultimate work done by Ammir in Ghajni..If you still say Shahrukh is no.1,,ur a fool..Undoubtedly Aamir Khan is the superstar..& this movie will placce aamir at top position for next 2 years..he deserves Number ONE

Posted by Sumit Srivastava | Report as abusive

this is one of the best movies ihave everseen. all people should see this is 5 star movie in my view.

Posted by arunangshul | Report as abusive

This is again a copy of an amrican movie….I can’t recollect the name…shame on you ..expect more from aamir..hope you get sued for rippig off ideas..I admire aamir and his movies…but this is not a true original

Posted by jj | Report as abusive

gajini really good one.

Posted by vazeeharan | Report as abusive

This movie sucks.. Definately expected a lot lot more from Aamir

Posted by Sujith | Report as abusive

aamir is superb n so is d movie…………..i love you aamir…………keep up d good wrk

Posted by khushi | Report as abusive

Even i agree. Expected a lot more from Amir. Actually it wasted by x’mas fun with friends. SRK’s rab ne was 100 times better than this

Posted by Sachini | Report as abusive

I just watched the movie – and hey its a great movie.

Well if you are watching movies which need to have everthying logical and needs to convince every man then you ought not to see movies – sorry if i sound harsh here – but I guess we expect all movies to have messages, logical script and things followed to the tee always…

This is a different movie than the likes of TZP… Ghajini is a masala movie – a complete entertainer…. maybe the kind of movie that rakes in the moolah at all times – but just coz this is aamir we expect him to play god of cinema always —

Aamir does complete justice to a role that requires him to take revenge – and in the movie he does just that – take revenge …the cinematography and asin are awesome –

a complete entertainer – watch aamir with an awesome body and great acting – but yes – don expect a TZP – expect an entertainer and u will love the movie

Posted by moviegoer | Report as abusive

Amir is superb. he again proved him with this GHAJANI. It is not just copy and paste he also did a lot of work to make movie perfect like his eight pack so that anyone can believe that amir can beat 20 persons alone, means fighting scenes shouldn’t be like a fake type…Tamil surya didn’t leave too much space for amir to work but where he left amir worked hard to that field. ASIN is alos nice and realy cute in movie, that talented heroin worked hard for her hindi accent.
FInaly movie is that much good to watch more than one times if u already watched TAMIL one.

Posted by mukesh kumar verma | Report as abusive

“Amir’..You are really great …..
you have proved that….
where is srk?…..

Posted by Koyel Hasan | Report as abusive

hi amir hopefully u will get this message.please amir brother help salman khan to also gain some hits and get some more sucess please im his fan,im your fan also

Posted by sunny | Report as abusive

Another wonder by Amir. Awesome movie which keeps ur interest and focus throughout the 3 hrs length. The plot is gr8. A must watch movie.

Posted by Singh | Report as abusive

This movie is step by step copy of a Hollywood block buster “MEMENTO” directed by legendary director Christopher Nolan released in 2000. These type of acts of blatant piracy are normal in Indian film (entertainment) industry. If you really want to enjoy and appreciate the original masterpiece, then buy “MEMENTO”…

Posted by vikram | Report as abusive

the first line should read ” the actor in him has given way to the star ” , from the context of the article . An error in the construction of the sentence….

Posted by Anupam | Report as abusive

superb film by amir…..
just like in the tamil version asin did it well. asin rocks
.it was for ghajini asin recieved best actress award…..i hope she will succeed in this too…and amir you rock…..

Posted by sreeroop | Report as abusive


Posted by malik hams | Report as abusive

Not really up to the expectation set by relentless campaign by Aamir. Though Aamir has done a good job, the director seems confused. The movie is slow and eventually looks like a tragic romantic story only differing in the end game due to the “short time amnesia”.

Throughout the movie, Sanjay doesn’t seem to have any interest in body building and yet he happens to have those packs. The musical score seems indifferent and adds hardly any value to the movie. Its a waste of Rahman’s time and talent. And what the villian has to do with pharma industry? The movie conveniently ignores the possibly most exciting part. How does Sanjay sets himself up after that fateful encounter. That would have made it a real thriller.

I’d say.. It won’t be a flop. That’s the best it really deserves. A waste of Aamir and Rahman for sure….

Posted by kanishka | Report as abusive

its got MEMENTO written all over it. kinda funny given a tamil film maker has filed a case against the film regarding copyrights. haha

Posted by tronic | Report as abusive

The movie is terrifying, but forget the piracy. Amir is HOTTT!!! Watch Ghajini for that at least.

Posted by Manisha Sharma | Report as abusive

Its a super duper hit……………..

Posted by navneet | Report as abusive

Totally agree tronic. Ironic and hilarious that some Southi has copyright issues, when this is a clear copy of Momento starring Guy Pearce(2000). Where do these guys get the guts to be so shameless? Is the Indian fil industry so delusional and in so much denial?

Posted by chandra | Report as abusive

Aamir is the king.. you cannot even think of comparing him with Akshay at all.. I think Akshay is the most over rated superstar in the industry and does not stand any real worth in comparison with Aamir who is a much versatile actor.. and really speaking I have never seen Akshay doing great acting any ways.. I dont know how is can be a real superstar at all.. comparison with SRK can happen but Aamir is still a better actor when compared with SRK.. Also, just look at the way he gets into the character and we’ll realise there has been nobody in the Indian film industry who has put in such hard work and committment into his films just to make sure the audience enjoys the film.. He is a true super star of the industry.. Kudos to Aamir “The True King” of bollywood !

Posted by Abhijit s | Report as abusive

omg this movie was the best like really the best

Posted by Puneet | Report as abusive

ghajini is the best movie i’ve ever seen!
all the best to ghajini to become a superhit!

Posted by avigya | Report as abusive

too too good movie…must watch for all…
aamir has again proved that he is the best…I think that it was SRK was lucky that he released his movie 2 wks before Ghajini that his movie could manage to earn a bit…if the two movies would have got released together, then we would not have seen srk’S MOVIE ANYWHERE…

aamir, tussi gr88 ho…plz help SRK and Salman also to learn some acting skills…

I wish that you will keep getting our wishes by giving more and more hits wih your evergreen performance…


Posted by Harpreet | Report as abusive

Ghajini…is obviously a must watch….for
execellent performance by Aamir and for gorgeous Asin….and wonderful music tracks & best direction & cinemetography…….I thinks can be the best one of Aamir Khan………..

Posted by rahul | Report as abusive

Well, Gajini is ‘ Much Hyped- movie’.No doubt AAmir was too good. Even Asin proved herself but still i feel many loopholes in the movie.

Its over-driven by action too. I would rate it good but not outstanding!!!

Posted by Kanika sharma | Report as abusive

Ghajini is a must watch movie with startling performance from Aamir and also fabulous performance by Asin. She is future superstar of bollywood.

Posted by Deepak | Report as abusive

This is a ripoff of MOMENTO, a Hollywood movie. Try writing an original script for once!

Posted by John | Report as abusive

you guys should be sued…

totally ripped of Momento…

your pathetic bollywood…

Posted by pierce wells | Report as abusive

simply stunning,so is aamir

Posted by kkj | Report as abusive

First of all every movie with a short term memory loss and body tattoos is not Memento……Calling gajhini a copy of memento is a Insult to Memento and its director…..Gajhini is just inspired from it…the story and the treatment is very much different….
Memento is a nice thriller which keeps you at the edge of your seat…whereas Gajhini is a mismatch of romance+thriller which also keeps you at edge of your seating(you wanting to go out of cinema hall)….
Aamir had short term memory loss not long term…also he had a memory los he was not a mad person…one doesnot need to shout like a mad patient from a mental hospital to show his rage….In my opinion a little better treatment and a little editing could have turned it into an amazing movie..

My rating movie as per my expectations with it 5/10
But if I compare it with other bollywood movies 7/10

So watch it if you have extra money and time or you are a bollywood movies fan like me….or you are a aamir fanboy

Posted by Neo | Report as abusive

Hi, to all the above critics writter… As they r not… The Movie is great, Aamir has his own class so no doubt.. Asin is looking super beautiful.. I dont care the movie is coppied or not. If I m satisfied thats the main thing.. My rating would be 4/5..
Deepak Kumar..

Posted by Deepak Singh | Report as abusive

I thought the movie was too violent and Aamir has looked a lot better in the past. Jiah Khan cannot act and you are right about her accent… it needs some solid work.
Asin on the other hand grew on me through the movie and her scenes were the most watchable. The fight sequences with iron rods and rusted taps became unbearable.

Posted by Sakshi | Report as abusive

Ghajini is a good, absorbing movie and Aamir Khan looks refreshingly fresh while Asin brings a certain understated touch to her character. She does look glamorous, but has somehow managed to underplay that
to push the real character behind the face and looks.

It is absurd for the reviewer to suggest the romance slackens the pace of the movie. Can’t remember the last time we had a Mumbai Hindi film which ran for less than three hours. At least these days there aren’t too many sibling reunion stories! But the romance is crucial to build-up to understand why the hero is hell-bent on his revenge. And that Murugadoss does brilliantly.

One does come away thinking the movie could have been broken into two parts, the soft romance and the action with fleeting glimpses of the crime that took away the hero’s ladylove. But don’t agree with the reviewer over-analyzing the movie.

Liked the way Jiah Khan’s role has been understated, think that was crucial for the credibility of the movie. Accent is no issue these days, the Urdu-laced dialogues have vanished from Hindi films.

Aamir has played both parts convincingly, showing a lot of energy. Both the chocolate hero of old and the hardened revenge-seeker are intact.

The songs are lovely. If you, as usual accept at the start that very little in the Mumbai Hindi film industry is original (the story/screenplay etc.), then it is wonderful entertainment.

Posted by anant | Report as abusive

Mumbai Hindi film industry??
I saw what you did there/

Posted by neo | Report as abusive

Waste of money and time! May be it is Amir’s stardom that is suppressing all bad things in this movie. Except music nothing is good. Main storyline that is copy from ‘MEMENTO’ is mixed with improper SOUTH INDIAN movie maker thoughts, especially in fight scenes. After a long time I have seen Amir’s over acting. This was not his type of script. Hope for the best in 3 IDIOTS from him!!!!!

Posted by passionlikeocean | Report as abusive

aamir khan rocks, he has really worked for this movie and the character selection is excellent.

Posted by JoyLynford | Report as abusive

u should never compare any movie with another one.

Posted by avigya | Report as abusive

I agree with the title of the Blog.

It is without a doubt the most commercial movie by aamir.

The movie has nothing new to offer other than the stolen concept of 15 minutes blackout.

Its basically lovey dovey love story, villain kills heroine, hero takes revenge…

The only creative guy taking part in the movie was mr A R Rehman.Great job done by him.

Aamir khan, well, riding on his mr.perfection character may have gone thru pains of developing those 8 packs but thats not at all enough.(i take tat for granted from an actor of his stature).

What i expect is more from aamir khan,more than what other jokers are doing.
Do a lagaan, do a dil chahta hai, do a taare zameen par,…

In my views, ghajini is out and out a commercial movie, which is nothing more than 3 hours of useless cinema in a very shiny and innovative package.

Posted by Abhijit | Report as abusive

Hi Mr. Perfectionist
Aamir khan , I have seen this movie 15 times till
date… and each time i see something different in it…
Sir , i think this movie don’t show only love between
sanjay & kalpana but also that ,a girl can make & destroy a man’s life, there was not a single point that can be critize by people… the movie is legend….
By watching this movie i ‘m eager to meet u (amir) & asin….
100 star to movie….
kalol (GUJARAT)

Posted by ASHISH D. MALAKAR , kalol (GUJARAT) | Report as abusive

i have seen the movie 20 times and i agree for this that Aamir khan is really king khan … I love Aamir khan and it is my utmost desire to meet him……..

Posted by shab khan | Report as abusive

Aamir rocks in this movie. Excellent action.

Posted by Manikanta | Report as abusive