Is an Oscar next, Mr Rahman?

January 12, 2009

His voice is soft over the phone, almost inaudible. He has just done a lot of interviews, and the tiredness in his voice is clear.

There are no niceties, no formal hello; instead he plunges straight into the agenda of the day — that’s a typical A. R. Rahman interview for you. The 43-year-old music composer is as humble as he is talented, as unaffected by success as he is successful.

“Unbelievable,” he said as he stood on the podium with a Golden Globe statuette in his hand. And it was. That an Indian composer could win such a coveted international honour for what is essentially such an Indian soundtrack — and do it all with a minimum of fuss, is a matter of pride for all Indians.

“If I win it, it will be a surprise,” he told the media the day he was leaving for Los Angeles. “But if I do win, I want to win for India.”

He didn’t forget to mention his country in his acceptance speech on Sunday, thanking the “one billion” people of India for the praise.

Those one billion will now be egging him on for even greater heights — don’t forget, the Oscars are just a little over a month away, and to see an Indian composer hold that coveted trophy in hand is something we could only have dreamed of — until now.

Join us in congratulating Rahman and wishing him all the best for the Oscars. Jai Ho!


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The short and very honest interview just goes on to show the the talent of a true genius!!!
Hats off to A.R. Rahman!!
We wish him all the best for the oscars and hope that he comes out as a winner even at the Oscars!!!

Posted by Nikhil | Report as abusive

He won for his soundtrack, not for the fact that he’s Indian. A great achievement no doubt.

Posted by lala | Report as abusive

Congrats A.R.R, you really made all Indians proud. Happy for you receiving this award. Hoping you to get through Oscars too with flying colours and all my blessings will be for that. Jai HO A.R.R

Posted by Prasad.S | Report as abusive

A.R.R Macha…..!My hearty CONGRATS !
Your composition is always fantastic,you deserve beyond OSCAR.
Let the world out of India make keen on your music with more Jai Ho!

Posted by Namburi Praveen | Report as abusive

Congratulations ARR
You made all Indians proud and Oscar is not your last resort. Keep going….

Posted by Sarath Sivan | Report as abusive

unlike AMITABH who is great in bollywood but has not relevance in south….and RAJINIKANTH who is great in south and is a comedian for northies……

Posted by M.R.Sarcasm | Report as abusive

Rahman Ji, your hard work is fruit-full. All the best for an Oscar as well..your work certainly deserves it. We are proud of you.

Posted by Kuppu Sammy | Report as abusive

the great ar rahman … all the best and as i have seen came this far for an oscar ,u will win it .. and thats a great movie which u have composed as well … there is no reason to be refused… may u win .. for the indian people and for your great talent yet to be composed
sabry thawoos
from canada, maple ,ont

Posted by sabry thawoos | Report as abusive

It only proves that true genius will triumph despite all possible odds and prejudices. That a key board artist-jingle creator, could graduate to be in breathing distance of an Oscar,won in competition only once earlier by an Indian, is an incredible feat.


Posted by sasi alex | Report as abusive

ARR Rocks. The correct adage to him will be “Global Indian”.

Posted by Sanjeev Priyam | Report as abusive

hi rehmaan it is matter of pieasure that u have won global globe award & i am realy happy to hear about that an indian has capebility to his quality that u have u proved , so keep going on……….

Posted by vikash mridha | Report as abusive

A.R.Rehman.. Allah Rakha Rehman.. the great genius.. one of the few guyz, I am in awe.. right from roja he is rocking the planet earth.. he is surely in da league of gautam, osho and kabir.. the true son of land.. his music is beyond boundaries.. he is one of the few guyz, we really respect and love here in Pakistan..

Posted by Nadeem | Report as abusive

My hearty CONGRATS : Rehman we love you.

Hi Rehman it is great time for indian you have won global golobe award and Also you are going for oscars so I am Hoping you to get through Oscars too with flying colours and all my blessings will be for that. Jai HO A.R.R

Posted by avishek banerjee | Report as abusive

Its an affirmation that true films are truly Global!!

Posted by Kanika sharma | Report as abusive

Congratulations MR…ARR
You made all Indians proud and Oscar is not your last resort. Keep going….

Posted by krishna | Report as abusive

A true Tamilan Really rockz. May god bless u ARR.

Posted by Tamilan | Report as abusive

Finally he did make it and got two Oscars. Great.
But personally I feel this was not Rehman’s best. He has scored much better in his past Bollywood pics. . . .maybe they were not projected in the West earlier.

Posted by Joe Zachs | Report as abusive

Congratulations Rahman.
You made all the indians proud. you did it.

All the best.

Posted by Manikanta | Report as abusive