Get well soon Shah Rukh Khan

February 18, 2009

We all knew Shah Rukh Khan had surgery 24 hours ago and yet there he was before us — dressed in T-shirt and jeans, only the sling over his left arm revealing he was in hospital till this morning.

He looked tired, almost as if he would rather sleep it out in bed than face the media. But Khan answered every question with no sign of impatience.

If I were him, I wouldn’t like to talk to anyone, let alone face a hundred television cameras and photographers screaming, “Shah Rukh bhai, ek shot please!”


The actor said he was feeling fine, but admitted there was some pain. Khan would not be able to work for a month or two.


“I plan to spend the time developing some stories and scripts that we are looking at,” he said.

“Also, my kids have exams coming up, so maybe I will coach them.”


Why is he addressing the press a day after he’s had surgery, I wonder. Couldn’t this have waited?


Khan had his answer ready.

“I don’t like to see you guys running after cars like this and chasing us. You could get hurt doing your job,” the 43-year-old said as the press conference drew to a close.

“I don’t want to see you guys standing outside my house all day, that is why I called all of you home,” he said.


As he got up to go, Khan had one final request.

“If any of your colleagues have missed this press conference, please share the information with them.”


Now that’s the first time I have heard any star say that. Join us in wishing Shah Rukh Khan a speedy recovery.




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Dear Mr. s. Khan,

you are messenger of God and He is with you at every step of the way!!

Posted by veena | Report as abusive

Dear shah rukh. I wish you speedy recovery. Get well soon. All the best =)

Posted by lena | Report as abusive

May U Get well Soon…n Return Bakk 2 d Industry!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Faisal | Report as abusive

Shah Rukh Khan is someone who is and will always be a source of inspiration for me. Since the age of 2, i’ve been watching him and this man is actually one of those very few stars whom i admire from the bottom of my heart. I wish him a speedy recovery and all the good luck ahead! All my good wishes and prayers will always be with him forever.

Posted by Diya | Report as abusive

dearest shahrukh,, i m not getting wat 2 write, i want 2 say bahut kuch but abhi sirf GET WELL SOON….. and get bak 2 industry i m waiting 4 ur next muveesssssss….. u were very gud in BILLU i just saw it… take care dont worry i knw u will b fine soon i m praying 4 u……

Posted by shilpi arya | Report as abusive

salam, my dear Shah Rukh khan ALLAH give u health and plz u get will soon inshallah i like beause i thing ur only one person in this world.

Posted by hafsa khan | Report as abusive

Dear Khansaab

Dil de tic he a ajou! (excuse my spelling Urdu is not a language i know)

Sending you warmest wishes from Sunny South Africa!

Posted by Nadine K | Report as abusive

hey….. shahrukh bai u r our boss!!!!!
we want u back n action!!!!!

Posted by sajjubai | Report as abusive

I wanted to cry seeing you addressing the press immediately after your surgery; you are a strong, beautiful, caring gift from God.

Posted by nita | Report as abusive

dear Shah Rukh ji
Get well soon…all ours prayers are with u
with love
take care

Posted by Sagar | Report as abusive


Posted by grishma | Report as abusive

Dear Shah rukh!
Get well soon
We still need you and miss you too.
You are the brand ambassador India

Posted by viren | Report as abusive

dear shahrukh…get well soon…i hope u read this. u have shown once again how humble and down to earth guy u r wen u allowed me to take a photo at the back stage of zee carnival 2009 wen the security guys were saying no. u deserve where u r and u r source of inspiration to millions of people. i really wish from the bottom of my heart that u succeed in watever u do…god bless u…

Posted by foram | Report as abusive

I’m not an Indian or a NRI but I wanted people to know that people worldwide love Shahrukh and pray for him and his full recovery. He is a precious person and the most entertaining performer on the earth!!

Posted by Sally | Report as abusive

Aslaam Khan Sahib, I have read comments from many of your fans in this site and others, and like them I too whish to see you back on our screens soon. Hamare duae be aap ke saath hei, because there is nothing more important than your health, if you have that you have everything. I hope you recover back to full health inshalla.

Posted by A well wisher | Report as abusive

Hey ure greatt!!!!!! SRK,Get well sooonnn The World Needs uuuuuuuuu…..

Posted by Abdullah | Report as abusive

salam get well soon we all love u tc i respect ur ma favourite personality love u alwayz mwah

Posted by MISBAH | Report as abusive

Dear Mr Shahrukh Khan

May God bless you with a speedy recovery. We love you so much and wish you good health, success and happiness always.

Take care of yourself

Much love and good wishes from Prabha Patel (London)

Posted by Prabha Patel | Report as abusive

Dearest Shah Rukh,
I am 100% sure that God will bless you with a speedy recovery because for a whole host of people all over the world you are the man that brings smile, hope and inspiration. You are loved and needed! Only remember to spare yourself just for these couple of weeks and to follow the doctors’ suggestions. And, above all, have a great time with your wonderful family :)
Lots of love from POLAND!
God bless you!

Posted by Kate | Report as abusive


Posted by Angie | Report as abusive

Shah Rukh Kahn !!It will be a miracle if you ever read my message from million people.
Get well soon buddy!! papa!!
Your fan from Puerto Rico a country in the caribbean sea close to Cuba, Dominican Republic. and Mexico.Obviously you heard from it.I hope so!!!
que tengas buen dia,that is spanish and in english means have a great day!

Posted by Acacia Maceira | Report as abusive

i wish you speedy recovery. i know you have God, your family and friends they will take good care of you. please be carefull next time. i can’t wait to see your new movie…you pain the price for it. i will be the first to see it.

your friend from far. Peace and LOVE

Posted by bemi | Report as abusive

Dear Shah Rukh,

You look so tired and wore out but still very handsome! Hang in there,Shah Rukh! You will make it because you are brave and strong!

Follow your doctors’ recomendations carefully. Take time to rest and get better. You are needed in this world, but your fans will wait for you until you are well again. So, don’t rush into getting back to acting. We will wait until you are healed completely.

Posted by Meena | Report as abusive

He dude, Haule Haule Se dawa lagti Hai naa!!!!

Posted by Eram | Report as abusive

Dear shahrukh may u get well soon n defeat all the people always who have been jealous of your success writin abt it on the internet or just by potraying it…..we all are and will inshallah be with you….I really loved seeing u in london just before ur surgery…


Posted by Saqib | Report as abusive

Shahrukh, though this is not the Kings era but I consider you to be the King of India.. Your humbleness and simplicity makes you a true leader.. Ever since I heard about your surgery, which I guess is your 2nd or 3rd time now, my respect for you has increased even more.. How can you manage to be so cool and a go-getter even after so many hardships…You are a true motivation for me and I keep giving your examples to many others who feel de-motivated even with small issues.. Love u Shahrukh.. You will remain my favourite always..

Posted by Sindhu | Report as abusive

shahrukh ….get well soon…
kisses n hugs************
take care

Posted by pooja | Report as abusive

KING KHAN IS at his Best even in his difficult time. I learn a lot from him. We always need more from you. Inshaallah you will get well soon

Posted by raja | Report as abusive

We all love you, please take care
& get well soon, Bhaijaan !!!

Posted by Deepak Nare | Report as abusive

SRK truly roxx…!!

neva seen such an humble superstar….!!!

perfect idol for ne1….!!

all d best SRK for ur future lyf…get well soon.. :)

Posted by chirag | Report as abusive

With due respects,


The most down to earth person ever heard of, wish u success all along the way sir,

Respect u for the person u r,




Posted by k. bindumon anandan | Report as abusive

i hope shah rukh khan takes it easy and recovers soon =)
I love you x x x x x x x x x x x

Posted by haadia | Report as abusive

hi shahrukh dada,i m a bengali a mad kolkata nifht riders fan get well soon.u r our hero please get well soon and cheer our dada

Posted by shaan | Report as abusive

SALAM.Your fan from Gostivar a city in Macedonia.I don’y know if you heard from it.I hope so!!!
Dear shahrukh may u get well soon.have a great day!
God bless you.Inshaallah you will be the best also in Hollywood.

Posted by Mustafa | Report as abusive

get well soon i love you and i look up to you, i wish you luck with your recovery

Posted by fatma | Report as abusive

SRK You are such a talented actor. Thank you for the incredible entertainment you have provided us with over the years. I wish you nothing but the best and a speedy recovery. Please take this time to relax and take care of yourself. Your well being is the most important thing right now. You and your family are in my prayers.

Posted by Seema | Report as abusive

I’m an NRI from south india and frankly no big fan of Sharukh, but a little moved by his gentle mannerism

Posted by Mr. F | Report as abusive

get well soon shahrukh we love you

Posted by karthik | Report as abusive

hey shahrukh
get well soon insha-allah u will be fine

take care and rest
lots of love


Posted by nadia | Report as abusive

Shahrukh hope you get better sooooooon :)
Will be praying for a speedy recovery all the way from Sri Lanka!!!

Much love!

Posted by Sabrina Ahmed | Report as abusive

Hi Shahrukh Bhaya,

My wife is a big fan of you, always watching your films repeatedly for countless times. Anyway, we feel its your BARAPAAN that you did gave chance to all the media people in your home for a press conference, no other actors would do such things with media people and that shows how different you are. You are a special person and you will get well soon as millions wishing you to see more ‘n more on Bollywood’s big PAARDHA.

Big Love ‘n Many Pujas

Posted by chime | Report as abusive

Wish u speedy recovery….
May God Bless u Ameen
Kares n prayers

Posted by Naima | Report as abusive

Dear Shah Ruhk Khan
I wish you speedy recovery. take good care of yourself. please be carefull next time. I can’t wait to see your new movie. I’m a huge fan of yours. May God Bless you always.

your friend from Trinidad, West Indies. Peace and Love

Posted by Indira | Report as abusive

Dear Shah Rukh, we are very happy that the operaion is a success otherwise we were very very worrried about you. May God bless you with good health and great future.There is not word to express our feeling for you. May God always be with you.

Posted by Tripti M.Pulger | Report as abusive

Dear Shah Rukh ji,

Im a big fan of yours. Actually nearly everyone loves you in Mauritius. Get Well soon and take care. Looking forward to your next film with impatience. Lots of good wishes for you and your family.


Posted by Karishma | Report as abusive

Hi Shahrukh… its so gr8 to c u r fine n fit back. hope this was the last ever trip u had to any hospital… wish u health n fitness…
ur diehard fan.

Posted by angel | Report as abusive

Dearest Shahrukh Khan,

I hope you are feeling better now. I wish you godspeed in recovery and rehab. You are a superstar to millions of people in the world but for me, you are a superstar and then some.

I have lived in the USA since 1985 and had lost all touch with Indian cinema and songs until I saw you in Baazigar. I watched it at least a dozen times. It brought me back to my Indian-ness. I am extremely grateful to you for that. My son and daughter are your #1 fans and they still call you, ”Main hoon na”, for reasons best known to them.

You are the most stylish & brilliant actor in the universe, an icon of magnanimous proportions, and a phenomenal human being with a heart of gold, an allegation you will probably offer resistance to agree with – due to your civility and humility.

I truly believe Shahrukh Khan should be cloned and every generation should see their version of him, his energies, and mental prowess.

Please take real good care of yourself and do what you do best. We all love you very much. You are our hero.

Be happy, live long, and prosper!

Stay blessed,
Your american Khan bhai

Posted by Shafaat Khan | Report as abusive

Shah Rukh Khan Get well soon

Posted by farukh shaikh | Report as abusive

shah rukh get well soon.take care

Posted by drishya | Report as abusive

Wishing you good health…..hoping to see u in my home very soon……

Posted by Natisha | Report as abusive

Hi Shahrukh, Wish you a speedy recovery. You make the whole world smile . we cant see you in pain. Love you Shahrukh. Get well soon.

Posted by Anita | Report as abusive

Hi Shahrukh I wish U will speedy recovery. I want your next movie in Hurry pls come & pls Take care.

Posted by dinesh | Report as abusive

Dearest Shahrukh Khan
We love u. i love u. I m from Bangladesh. Whole Bangladesh love u.the whole world love u. Its ur credit, that we love u. U r the anjel for us.
I can see god in u. Mujhe apme Rab dikhta hai!!

I m 21 years old. My father is only 8 years older than you. But i get u as my friend, as in my big brother’s role. You have taught me, what is love? Shahrukh i just love everything about u. U and ur familly. I feel love for gauri and extream affection for Aryan and sohana, as they r ur love. Shahrukh, even u dont know, what a good friend u r of the people.

Shahrukh, please take care of your health. If shooting is the cause of ur injury. Then please, leave all. We love the persona “Shahrukh”. U do for ur fans, right? But we dont want u to be ill. I feel pain when u r not well. our tears knows know bound. Please, dont make us cry. Dont take any risky shot to impress ur fans. We r already impressed. U r the hero forever.

Please, take care of ur health. Please get well soon. The god stays out of our reach, but u stays in our world. We can see u, we can hear u, we can get a support by u. U r in our heart. Heart knows only heart. Heart dont want any impression!

Please, let us see our god in u….

LOVE U SHAHRUKH>>>>>>>>>>>>

Posted by Mitu | Report as abusive

dearest shah rukh khan,
my mom and i are big fan of urs. we all pray for u can recover fast.=) get wel soon and we want to see u n some more movies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Sophia | Report as abusive

Hi Shahruk
I wish you a speedy recovery.Love your latest movie.

Posted by maureen Harrybhall | Report as abusive

hi shah rukh get well soon my best wishes are with you hope u go back to your normal routine soon and we see more of you in films and tv shows. seeing your press conference i was happy that you were positive and the best thing was that you were not well but still you were making people laugh and entertaining them.i am from kolkata and a big fan of yours and kolkata knight riders hope to see you cheering our team with al of us in the eden gardensand best of luck for this year’s wishes krittika.

Posted by krittika | Report as abusive

as all ur fan i m i thnk i m best fan of all
sharukh dont do film like billu bcoz i dont want any one get bored in plex and leave film…i force all of my frnd to see movie in multiplex to get film was so boring that no one go to see…plz dont..i cant bear that u go in loss…

Posted by pankaj | Report as abusive

Dear SRK

One can love you, hates you but can not ignore you.
Wishing you a speedy recovery. get well soon.

Posted by niraj mishra | Report as abusive

Dear shahrukh,
i have thanked god a million times that u r nw fine and gud and at your home ,plz take very good care of yourself.I always pray for u,tc,

Posted by humaira | Report as abusive

Hi Shahrukh,

I hope you get well soon, so that we all can see ur movies again.


Posted by Gaurav Agarwal | Report as abusive

Dearest Shahrukh,

My daughter and I wish you a speedy recovery as we are great fans of you. Take care good care of yourself so that you can heal completely.
We enjoyed both your movies and are looking forward to your next release.
Best to you and your family

Posted by Kimi | Report as abusive

Dearest Shah Rukh,
I am Aysha of class 7.I hope you get well soon,very soon,very ,very soon.I am great fan of yours,and I even pray to God that you get well.I know you’ll recover soon,my heart tells me so.

yours faithfully,

Posted by aysha | Report as abusive

I wish you a speedy recovery and get healthy coz all of us love u

Posted by marwa from egypt | Report as abusive


Posted by sanju zala | Report as abusive

I hope Mr. Shah Rukh Khan is o.k. I am from Panama and here there are people who know his work and the good actor he is. Be blessed

Posted by daisy trujillo | Report as abusive

Well, I hope you have now made a full recovery because so many people love you and are fans.
Louise (send my card )
We would love to make a card escpeically for you (and your fans) if you ever go into hospital again, and will keep reading your blog websites.

Posted by Louise | Report as abusive