Get well soon Shah Rukh Khan

February 18, 2009

We all knew Shah Rukh Khan had surgery 24 hours ago and yet there he was before us — dressed in T-shirt and jeans, only the sling over his left arm revealing he was in hospital till this morning.

He looked tired, almost as if he would rather sleep it out in bed than face the media. But Khan answered every question with no sign of impatience.

If I were him, I wouldn’t like to talk to anyone, let alone face a hundred television cameras and photographers screaming, “Shah Rukh bhai, ek shot please!”


The actor said he was feeling fine, but admitted there was some pain. Khan would not be able to work for a month or two.


“I plan to spend the time developing some stories and scripts that we are looking at,” he said.

“Also, my kids have exams coming up, so maybe I will coach them.”


Why is he addressing the press a day after he’s had surgery, I wonder. Couldn’t this have waited?


Khan had his answer ready.

“I don’t like to see you guys running after cars like this and chasing us. You could get hurt doing your job,” the 43-year-old said as the press conference drew to a close.

“I don’t want to see you guys standing outside my house all day, that is why I called all of you home,” he said.


As he got up to go, Khan had one final request.

“If any of your colleagues have missed this press conference, please share the information with them.”


Now that’s the first time I have heard any star say that. Join us in wishing Shah Rukh Khan a speedy recovery.




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Hi Shahrukh, Wish you a speedy recovery. You make the whole world smile . we cant see you in pain. Love you Shahrukh. Get well soon.

Posted by Anita | Report as abusive

Hi Shahrukh I wish U will speedy recovery. I want your next movie in Hurry pls come & pls Take care.

Posted by dinesh | Report as abusive

Dearest Shahrukh Khan
We love u. i love u. I m from Bangladesh. Whole Bangladesh love u.the whole world love u. Its ur credit, that we love u. U r the anjel for us.
I can see god in u. Mujhe apme Rab dikhta hai!!

I m 21 years old. My father is only 8 years older than you. But i get u as my friend, as in my big brother’s role. You have taught me, what is love? Shahrukh i just love everything about u. U and ur familly. I feel love for gauri and extream affection for Aryan and sohana, as they r ur love. Shahrukh, even u dont know, what a good friend u r of the people.

Shahrukh, please take care of your health. If shooting is the cause of ur injury. Then please, leave all. We love the persona “Shahrukh”. U do for ur fans, right? But we dont want u to be ill. I feel pain when u r not well. our tears knows know bound. Please, dont make us cry. Dont take any risky shot to impress ur fans. We r already impressed. U r the hero forever.

Please, take care of ur health. Please get well soon. The god stays out of our reach, but u stays in our world. We can see u, we can hear u, we can get a support by u. U r in our heart. Heart knows only heart. Heart dont want any impression!

Please, let us see our god in u….

LOVE U SHAHRUKH>>>>>>>>>>>>

Posted by Mitu | Report as abusive

dearest shah rukh khan,
my mom and i are big fan of urs. we all pray for u can recover fast.=) get wel soon and we want to see u n some more movies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Sophia | Report as abusive

Hi Shahruk
I wish you a speedy recovery.Love your latest movie.

Posted by maureen Harrybhall | Report as abusive

hi shah rukh get well soon my best wishes are with you hope u go back to your normal routine soon and we see more of you in films and tv shows. seeing your press conference i was happy that you were positive and the best thing was that you were not well but still you were making people laugh and entertaining them.i am from kolkata and a big fan of yours and kolkata knight riders hope to see you cheering our team with al of us in the eden gardensand best of luck for this year’s wishes krittika.

Posted by krittika | Report as abusive

as all ur fan i m i thnk i m best fan of all
sharukh dont do film like billu bcoz i dont want any one get bored in plex and leave film…i force all of my frnd to see movie in multiplex to get film was so boring that no one go to see…plz dont..i cant bear that u go in loss…

Posted by pankaj | Report as abusive

Dear SRK

One can love you, hates you but can not ignore you.
Wishing you a speedy recovery. get well soon.

Posted by niraj mishra | Report as abusive

Dear shahrukh,
i have thanked god a million times that u r nw fine and gud and at your home ,plz take very good care of yourself.I always pray for u,tc,

Posted by humaira | Report as abusive

Hi Shahrukh,

I hope you get well soon, so that we all can see ur movies again.


Posted by Gaurav Agarwal | Report as abusive

Dearest Shahrukh,

My daughter and I wish you a speedy recovery as we are great fans of you. Take care good care of yourself so that you can heal completely.
We enjoyed both your movies and are looking forward to your next release.
Best to you and your family

Posted by Kimi | Report as abusive

Dearest Shah Rukh,
I am Aysha of class 7.I hope you get well soon,very soon,very ,very soon.I am great fan of yours,and I even pray to God that you get well.I know you’ll recover soon,my heart tells me so.

yours faithfully,

Posted by aysha | Report as abusive

I wish you a speedy recovery and get healthy coz all of us love u


Posted by sanju zala | Report as abusive

I hope Mr. Shah Rukh Khan is o.k. I am from Panama and here there are people who know his work and the good actor he is. Be blessed

Posted by daisy trujillo | Report as abusive

Well, I hope you have now made a full recovery because so many people love you and are fans.
Louise (send my card )
We would love to make a card escpeically for you (and your fans) if you ever go into hospital again, and will keep reading your blog websites.