Tasveer: Not so picture perfect

April 3, 2009


There are films that grab you instantly and don’t let you go till the credits roll. There are those that start off on a great note but lose the plot midway. And then there are those which don’t start off on a good note, nor do they end on one.

Nagesh Kukunoor’s “Tasveer” falls in the third category. The film starts off at a sluggish pace, but by the time the second half rolls in, it graduates into a half-decent thriller and you start to think that Kukunoor may be on to something after all. You are wrong. But we will get to that in a bit.

The protagonist of this film is Jai Puri (Akshay Kumar), a somewhat melancholic forest officer (although his profession is dealt with in the first five minutes of the film and never mentioned later) who we are told can see the past through a photo.

When his father dies in a purported drowning accident, Jai comes across a slightly eccentric, obsessive ex-cop Habibullah Pasha (Jaaved Jaffrey, playing what I thought was the best character in the film), who is convinced that it was murder.

Determined to get to the bottom of it, Jai tries to solve the mystery by going back in time to when the tragedy occurred, through a photo clicked just minutes before his father drowned.

Jai finds that each of the three people in the photo with his father had a reason to kill him, and sets about trying to find the killer.

What you want from a suspense thriller — very obviously — are thrills (of which the film provides none), and of course a great climax. Unfortunately, the film’s climax, which could have been quite innovative, turns into this sordid saga which never seems to end.

At just over two hours, the film lags in places, and neither the script nor editing is tight. The locales are picturesque given that the film is shot entirely in Canada, but that is not why you would watch a thriller. 

Of the cast, everyone except Jaffrey looks like they would rather be facing a tiger than acting in this film. Akshay Kumar looks so disinterested in the part he is playing, there’s not a single scene where you feel for his character.

What I feel really bad about is that this film has Nagesh Kukunoor as its director. The man who gave us films like “Teen Deewarein”, “Iqbal”, “Hyderabad Blues” and my personal favourite – “Dor”, slips into mediocrity with his latest. 

I even overlooked “Bombay to Bangkok” because Kukunoor was one of the few directors on my “to watch out for” list. Now, I wonder if it is time to take him off it

Given that Tasveer is the last Hindi film you will see at the theatres for some time (producers and exhibitors have been unable to arrive at a solution with regards to distribution of revenues), this is definitely not the best way to bid a temporary good bye to your neighbourhood multiplex.


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I dont think so…These r the people who are trying to drag the legs of Akshay…They r not happy if Akshay gets Success…rather they r happy with films like Om Shanti om..I liked the movie verymuch….Akshay rocks…It wl be a superhit

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Posted by sachin | Report as abusive

Bolly ya Holly AKKI is the BEST

Posted by Krrish | Report as abusive

ultimate bakwaas movie, this one was….and as for trying to pull akki’s legs…? who wants to…?that guy seems to market each film some gimmik or some other stars power, the last three films .. bhool bhulaiyya was a rip off from a malayalam film, cc2c tried to use deepika’s popularity 8X10 had nothing to bank on… thats the end of that..

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[…] Reuters (2) […]

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waitin for a day when these perfectionist (only when it comes to their wardrobe and makeup) idiots (actors) can make a decent movie (movie!!! not overextended photoshoots n prancing around exotic locations).

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Its a one time watch movie. Story of moive is good. The climax of movie could be better. I am still unable to co-relate the climax with the story line. Climax is the main drawback of the movie.

Posted by Tejinder | Report as abusive

It was one of the most stupid and funny movie that I have ever seen. The killer finally makes no sense. There was no good reason for him to kill everybody. It was a terrible suspense movie. Horrible

Posted by Shraddha | Report as abusive

Hi All,

This is a nice movie to watch… i can say its good time pass movie. I know its totally unlogical concept used in movie as it cant happen in real time, but its quite interesting, thriller & amazing movie.. Akshay did a challenging role as he always does in his every movie.

I & my husband enjoyed a lot this movie “8X10 Tasveer”. Even every one should watch this interesting movie.

People call the “Superhit Movie” to only those who’s having lots of romatic songs or having SRK or … bloody heroine singing around the trees… or any family drama.. people must change their tastes apart from these stupid films.. i m not totally disagree to these movies .. but people shud also look into these different & unimagnable stories.. people shud praise the distinct ideas they put into such movies..

Posted by Sarika | Report as abusive


we have another suspense thriller coming soon on 21st August…SIKANDAR written and directed by Piyush Jha and produced by BIG Pictures and Sudhir Mishra….

check more about this movie and its melodious music here:

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If you want lame comedy, horrible suspense, no story, bad actors, then this movie is NOT for you.

8×10 Tasveer is what I call a movie with a story. Not just a movie with some lame “Oh I still love you!” climax, but an overall hit movie.
I don’t know what average Indian audience likes, but they sure don’t like a decent movie with good suspense and a clever story.

I’m guessing most people don’t like this movie just because [SPOILER ALERT!!] his own girlfriend is with the killer, and it’s not much of a happy ending. [/SPOILER]

For all the people who watch a movie for an “everything will be alright” happy ending, go elsewhere.

8×10 Tasveer deserves a respectable 8.5 out of 10

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