Old wine in a new bottle

May 12, 2009

One of my favourite childhood memories is watching the Sunday afternoon movie on television (on Doordarshan, of course) with friends and family.

And one of the films I always watched was “Seeta Aur Geeta” — no matter how many times they aired it.

Hema Malini perched atop a ceiling fan in a police station — now that’s a classic scene if there ever was one, and it remains one of my favourite movies on DVD.

Last week, I got an email informing me that “Seeta Aur Geeta” is going to be adapted for the small screen.

Did I really want to see this much loved film remade into some TV series that would be aired every day? Wasn’t it enough that Bollywood was making remakes of old classics without television having to get in on the act?

Give it deeper thought and you realise that films of the seventies and eighties form perfect material for the television serials of today — they had scheming mothers-in-law, dutiful daughters-in-law and unbelievable plot lines.
It’s a wonder someone didn’t think of this earlier. Also, it ensures that the younger generation can watch these films all over again, through a medium that is much more their style.

I can think of a lot of other Hindi films that could be remade for television, but my old- fashioned, Doordarshan-watching self still rebels at the idea.

What about you? Would you like to see such remakes on television?



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I don’t know about a film but I would love to see “Dekh Bhai Dekh” re-telecast on TV.
Maybe even a tastefully made modern version of it.

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not always, only some times

Posted by yogesh Sharma | Report as abusive

Not always.

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