Ronnie gets Archie – love in the time of recession?

May 29, 2009

‘Archie proposes to Veronica!’

That headline sent shockwaves and started heated debates in many parts of the world this week, with most fans of one of the longest-running love triangles despairing that Archie Andrews has chosen the rich and glamorous Ronnie over the sweet and simple Betty.

But is it really that different a story from those dished out by Bollywood or the many TV serials? Perhaps the guy is rich. Perhaps the girl is wealthy and doesn’t tell the guy. Perhaps the guy has a wealthy father and doesn’t know it. But the end result is always the same. The guy/girl with the rich dad gets the girl/guy. Every time.

Of course we have our great love stories that romanticise the poor lover: rich girl meets poor boy, they fall in love, she defies her stern dad, they run away and live in penury but happily, dad finally forgives her and they all live happily ever after in daddy’s big mansion.

Or, rich boy meets poor girl, they fall in love, he defies his authoritarian dad, they run away and live in penury…it still ends the same way.

So, are untold riches a great turn on? Or is it a matter of opposites attract? Or is it just a sign of the times: given the current economic environment, Archie — who doesn’t have Dilton’s brains or Reggie’s smarts — has no hope of landing a job.

Popping the question to Ronnie will at least give him a shot with Mr. Lodge. Love in the time of recession?

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Having grown up with Archie, Veronica and Betty in the comic series, one has always been pulled between Archie going for the richer and “hotter” Veronica and being close to the more sweet and homely and caring Betty. One can understand Archie chosing Veronica in this truly commercial and recessionary word–Veronica is a great financial “asset” with a huge cash surplus–besides she knows how to “sizzle” and get guys’ attention. But, at the same time, one hoped that nice people don’t finish last but alas Betty, the girl who really cares about Archie and is loyal, is dumped. What is the message from Archie Comics here–Money and great figures talk, loyalty and love sucks. But Betty can still have hope. After all, half the marriages in the US end up in divorce. Betty may get another chance, given that statistic!

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