New York: A film that will grow on you

June 26, 2009

Coming as it does nearly three months after a big-ticket Bollywood release — Kabir Khan’s “New York” is a relief.

The story of three friends whose lives change in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks in New York, the film manages to hold your attention for the most part, mainly because of some astute direction and its performances.

Sam (John Abraham), Maya (Katrina Kaif) and Omar (Neil Nitin Mukesh) are three friends who lead a carefree life on the grounds of New York State University. 


Omar harbours a secret crush for Maya and is devastated to learn she loves Sam. He moves away from their lives, only to re-enter it seven years later, in totally different circumstances.

Why he does so and the circumstances emerging from that incident form the gist of the story. The film is a story of three people and their relationship over the years but it is also a comment on the aftermath of terrorism and the practices we use to curb this dreaded menace.

Like I said earlier, Khan manages to hold your attention for most of the film, and there are some moments of pure magic. 

Of course, the film is a very simplistic version of facts, with Russians being portrayed as arms suppliers and the FBI headquarters shown to be in New York when it is in fact in Washington DC.

But such are the trappings of commercial Hindi cinema.

Also, I wish Khan had chopped off about 30 minutes from the running time. At more than three hours, this film grates on your nerves sometimes. 

But you are willing to forgive these failings because “New York” has its heart in the right place.

The three main leads all share a great chemistry on screen and it adds so much to the film. John Abraham is brilliant, especially in the second half, as is Neil Nitin Mukesh. 

The one who surprised me the most in this film though, was Katrina Kaif. Despite having the least screen time, she impresses with a fresh and riveting performance.

If you do have the time this weekend, I would say buy tickets for “New York”. It is a film that will grow on you. Also, it is better than much of the fare Bollywood churned out this year.


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I saw the film today n liked it. Though it is not as great as director Kabir Khan’s first outing “Kabul Express” n has some loopholes in its storyline, it manages to stay on in your memory.

Posted by hanit | Report as abusive

You need increase your standards for movie watching. NY was no way better than most of pathetic bollywood movies. my suggestion is bollywood directors should stay away from serious topics. Either they turn it into a art film or make a serious topic into a joke. This is not about relationships. its about spineless people – Neil ready to stab his friends in the back, John wants to protect katrina from truth but is ready to go for a bombing which will any way destroy Katrina’s life,Katrina knows the truth but can’t stop her dreaming that someday he would come back (god they have a kid what about him all those can think is about themselves), irfan who is ready to put Neil in jail because he has to prove his boss that he is not on the other side and FBI who failed to protect and now trying to bully innocent people. Hah!

Posted by Roy | Report as abusive

Oh!! its absolutely riveting.Glad to see John perform.Happy for Kat and Nitin.

Posted by Ved Prakash | Report as abusive

Hi guys, NEWYORK……. When the movie released I thought I will not go for it. Then I heard a lot about this movie & one day I watched it. Trust me, my first decision was right. Dont watch this movie—REASON.

Posted by Deepak Singh | Report as abusive

HI GUYS, NEWYORK……. Sounds good.. When this movie released I thought I will not go for it. Then I heard a lot about this movie & one day I watched NEWYORK.. Trust me, my first decision was right. DONT watch NEWYORK, totally waste of time, dont ask me about direction, acting no words & story… They shown the WTC on the television.. Now you can judge the movie. Donot waste your money RECESSION time guys…..

Posted by Deepak Singh. | Report as abusive