Agyaat: You really don’t want to know

August 7, 2009

Right at the end of Ram Gopal Varma’s “Agyaat”, there comes a moment that scared me more than any scene in the film. As the credits rolled, it said “Agyaat 2, Coming Soon.”

As if it wasn’t enough that I had to bear the ordeal that is “Agyaat”, I would now, at a later date, have to endure a sequel. Yes, this two-hour comedy badly disguised as a horror film is not worthy of a second look, let alone a sequel.

The film starts off in the way no horror film should — with an item song. Then we move on to a group of characters including an arrogant film star, an eccentric director and an annoying producer, all of whom are proceeding to a jungle on a film shoot.

There, they are killed off one by one by an unknown entity, which none of them can see. In between there are meaningless dialogues, weird sounds and a lot of close-ups of leaves and trees (don’t ask why).

The characters themselves might as well be a part of the woodwork, for all the expressions they show. You feel nothing for these people, wishing that whatever it is that’s killing them would do it faster so you can get up from your seat and go.

Throughout, I couldn’t help but think of Ram Gopal Varma, who gave us films like “Raat”, “Kaun” and “Bhoot”. This one looks slightly better than a submission by a film school student. You feel as if the director himself couldn’t care less what happens to these characters, and you can’t make a film with indifference.

There is hardly any direction, no chills, the camera work is shoddy and there is no attempt to even create any tension in the minds of the audience.

I can understand anyone making a bad film, if they put some effort into it. But feeding your audience some half-baked film that doesn’t even look like a finished product is unpardonable.

Watch “Bhoot” on DVD if you want to see a RGV horror flick. Keep away from this one.


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RGV I guess is trying too hard, and that what is taking away his creativity – He needs a temp retirement !!

Posted by Prabhu | Report as abusive

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Posted by 40 hindi movies releasing this month? – Page 8 – PlanetCricket Forums | Report as abusive

Great work by RGV…indeed..guess y?..he stands out by making such a film which isnt worthy of a release! could the censor board steer such a movie into the theatres which is a potential threat to the audience by it’s serious comedy???..I mean it can harm a person if not to say the least,kill him,profoundly!…GREAT…GREAT…RGV…U.R..GRE AT…U HAVE NO COMPARISON..U KNOW??????????????????????????????..GREA T!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Amlan Dash | Report as abusive

the movie sucks big time rgv’s head is getting thicker by the day !

Posted by borgza | Report as abusive