Saif Ali Khan: A true professional in Bollywood?

August 12, 2009

When I think of a Bollywood media interview, what pops into my mind are — long waits, filthy sets, stars with a lot more attitude than they should have and clichéd answers I could have predicted long before I met them…

But Saif Ali Khan proved me wrong on all counts. He turned out to be a thorough professional.

Khan was very ‘corporate’ in his demeanour, taking us in for the interview as soon as we got there, giving us candid answers about his experiences as a first-time producer with “Love Aaj Kal”, being open about his relationship with Kareena Kapoor and making no bones about us appearing unannounced with a camera.

Perhaps Khan’s most interesting response was when we asked him about working with other production houses after he has worked on his own.

Khan compared it to a ‘dinner party’.

Working in your own production is like hosting a dinner, he said, while working in other films is like being a guest at somebody else’s party where you pick up tips (or not) for your next do…

All of these dinner party ‘hosts’ and their ‘guests’ have their idiosyncrasies when dealing with the press. But the deciding factor has to be their standing on the popularity charts.

Case in point- the otherwise reticent and media-unfriendly Saif Ali Khan. He had a lot to say during the interview and was surprisingly comfortable talking to us — I call this the success effect.

Do you think success makes celebrities more media-savvy?


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Saif may be media-savvy but no one can beat Shah Rukh when it comes to charm. He came an hour late for a presser, apologised, smiled, made a joke and all the seething anger in the room suddenly evaporated. Might be the secret of his reign at the Bollywood box-office: the media really loves him.

Posted by Toe Knee | Report as abusive

Please, not SRK. His time is fading now (as people are beginning to understand what real cinema is) and may be it is individual view but all he knows is that shiver in his voice which he calls emotion. I don understand how he is praised all over while real talents, class apart, like Aamir is here.

NWays, good to hear that there are modest people like Saif in the industry.

Posted by Jo | Report as abusive

I completely agree with Jo. I actually really liked Shah Rukh during his Fauji days on TV. But over the years he changed himself to a really stereotyped actor, with that voice-wavering really going into irritation zone. A true actor is when from the movie you remember the character more and the actor less. Aamir really lives up to this demand of creativity. You remember the characters that he plays, even in ad clips. From Shah Rukh movies all what lingers, is Shah Rukh himself and his mannerisms.

Posted by siraj | Report as abusive

it is always good to see good “cinema” may be as good as to see SRK. Saif is very nice and modest most of the time. I don’t know why someone has a problem with SRK. people like watching him so where comes if there is an actor like Aamir Khan or whatsoever.

Posted by Ammar | Report as abusive

i love saif ali khan more than any thing in this world even more than my life.

Posted by necima | Report as abusive

Necima, “i love saif ali khan more than any thing in this world even more than my life.”

That’s really REALLY sad comment to make. He’s a regular person who plays parts and has money, that’s all. Nothing is more important to a life. Seek some help if this is how you really feel.

Posted by Deepa | Report as abusive

uppss .. uppsss.. yeh kya ho raha hai bhaiya yeh kya ho raha hai… saif z a cute star in bollywood.. but SRK z the born star… always try & appreciate the actors as where were they … & where r they now…



Posted by Fairy | Report as abusive

hii saif u r a man who improve himself day after day thats why i like you my fav movie of ur’s is omkara,love aajkal and humtum.

Posted by Poornima | Report as abusive

I understand the hate people have for SRK but most of it is directed towards his acting, and I think all of us would agree(fans or not) that there are better actors than him in Bollywood(e.g. Vinay Pathak in “Dasvidaniya”). But, the point “Toe Knee” was trying to raise was about the creation of brand SRK and the reasons behind.
He definitely knows how to market himself whether it is to the media or the public. As a product SRK sells hot and sells fast in the Indian as well as NRI market.
Oh!! and about the topic , I think maybe when your own money is in the fray you become as polite/charming as maybe required. :)
Good going Saif!!

Posted by Amey | Report as abusive

I thought the article was about Saif, not SRK.
Saif is a gentleman, excellent family & best schools. It does not get better than that!

Posted by inoel | Report as abusive