Fashion overdose: Do we need so many expensive clothes?

September 22, 2009

Whenever I have attended the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, it has always struck me as an event that is a little out of my league, but something that always gets the eyeballs.

After all, isn’t fashion, at least some form of it, an increasingly essential part of urban living?

Sometimes a random occurrence is the best way to get things in perspective.

On my way to the venue this week, I overheard two college girls in the local train, planning a shopping expedition to Linking Road in Bandra, a Mumbai shopping street known for funky accessories and clothes sold on the footpath.

From their conversation, it seemed like they were on a tight budget (like most college students) but couldn’t stop talking about the kind of shoes they hoped to buy.

I looked at their excited faces and thought about our destinations. Both were about fashion but so far removed from each other.

Where I was going, fashion was about high-end clothes (some of which were even hard to like), air kisses, Louis Vuitton bags and haute couture.

Where they were going, fashion was about affordability, comfort and value for money.

In a country where most people favour the latter, it makes me wonder whether we need to re-examine why India has four or more fashion weeks each year.

Who are we catering to?


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Who are we catering to?
Ans: People who can afford to buy them. But then the question might arise, how many people in India can afford to buy expensive clothes?

Posted by Avinash | Report as abusive

Not at all. It shows people are after vein glory.

Posted by Sethuramn V | Report as abusive

it is the same question I ask. Havent been around “the circle” I am not sure who goes in for that kind of stuff or if there is a big demand out there for such things as well

Posted by udidknow | Report as abusive

This kind of thought process is applicable to everything in life, leave alone fashion. We have cars starting from as low as 1 lakh and all the way upto 4 or 5 crores. Now, who are they catering to? This is a dump question and bad blog.

Posted by Mk | Report as abusive

fashion is not catering to affordability and comfort of use. it is catering to dreams at the best. they are targeting a nich market of elite. most dresses displayed are not wearable.

Posted by ravikumar | Report as abusive

Shilpa g don’t you know who caters to brands like Armani and who caters to brands like Janpath or Linking Road? Don’t let these issues disturb your peaceful life. Have a a great weekend in peace and comfort!

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

This is just the tip of the ice-berg in what represents the “evolution” of indian culture – enraptured by suprficialities of the burgeoning super-rich. Hypocrisy, superficialities and greed.. all fueled by corruption. india has not changed in the last 15 years since i was last there. Compete with China? come on… honestly…

Posted by samir | Report as abusive

I agree with u Shilpa. I also wonder about the same thing when I go to such events. In India, no matter how fashionable we might consider ourselves, it takes a long time to trends to trickle down.

Posted by Hanit | Report as abusive