Rahul Mahajan searches for the perfect TV bride

September 23, 2009

As India heads into wedding season, yet another celebrity is hoping to get hitched — with millions of people watching on prime-time television.

Rahul Mahajan follows in the footsteps of Bollywood starlet Rakhi Sawant and will choose a life partner from among 16 candidates in a reality TV show.

Mahajan features in the second season of ‘Swayamvar’, which made a much-publicised debut earlier this year with Sawant being wooed by 16 men from varied backgrounds, each trying to portray himself as the perfect bridegroom.

Sawant did choose a winner but didn’t marry him at the end of the series, insisting she wanted to know him better.

Unlike Sawant, who sceptics say misled audiences in a publicity stunt, viewers will be hoping to catch Mahajan tie the knot in an elaborate televised ceremony.

Few details are available about the show, announced at a press conference on Tuesday, except that Mahajan will make his choice from among 16 potential brides living under one roof and taking part in various tasks and challenges to impress him.

Mahajan, 34, is an unlikely celebrity. He first shot into the limelight in 2006 — getting arrested on drug possession charges just weeks after his politician father was shot dead by a disgruntled brother.

A failed marriage followed but Mahajan endeared himself to television audiences with his child-like histrionics in ‘Bigg Boss’, the Indian version of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.

Any hopes of resurrecting his fledgling political career were nipped in the bud this year with the Bharatiya Janata Party choosing his sister to contest next month’s Maharashtra assembly elections, indicating that Mahajan may still be on a long road to redemption.

For now, Mahajan is back on TV screens, hoping to find the perfect match. But it remains to be seen if he can outdo Rakhi Sawant in the publicity stakes. Or can anyone else?

Which Indian celebrity do you want to see choosing a life partner on TV?


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Rahul Gandhi??

Posted by Madhu Soman | Report as abusive

Another way of earning TRPs and money via SMS voting for TV channels. Rakhi’s show was nothing but one purely script based show in which people were told what to speak and what to say to your so called “would be” life partner.

Can you choose a partner this way? One can surely become famous though!!

Posted by Ramesh Chandra Singh | Report as abusive

None of the “Reality” shows are “Real”. They are all fake and fixed. Reality shows are the destroyers of creative entertainment. I am puzzled how it became a Global phenomenon.

Posted by Vijayabharath | Report as abusive

I hope Rakhi Sawant is one of the contestants on the show wooing Rahul! It will make for fabulous television!

Posted by Sakshi | Report as abusive

Celebrity is when you can’t decide if a person is famous or infamous. Reality TV is when you can’t distinguish real from unreal. So much for tele-weddings…

Posted by vipul | Report as abusive

Yes these all are publicity stunts. These celebrities have made the wedding a kind of joke on tv. It’s all related to publicity, channel is getting TRP and money from advertisers too. The celebrity will be getting a lot of money and fame from this.

Posted by Divya | Report as abusive

And to think that the Bheeshma Pitamaha of the BJP once actually considered bringing this ‘village idiot’ into politics. Not that we would have noticed him amongst the present crowd…..

Posted by Welingkar | Report as abusive

Madhu, fine sense of humor. Great post. Keep it up buddy!

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

This is nothing but a fluke show. Is Mr.Mahajan preparing to spoil the remaining reputation of his late father?
Are we Indians supporting this once divorced Mr.Mahajan to find another girl and spoil her future to another girl through media?
Sounds ridiculous.

Posted by Thomas | Report as abusive

can anybody help me in recalling the drug incidence in which one man was killed. Rahul found inabriated state along with drugs. Man, now they want to remarry him. God save the girl.
I am pretty amused at reuters too. I was expecting this article/blog at times of india, but reuters.. you too…
It seems quite unfortunate.

Posted by Sushil | Report as abusive

with so many matrimonial realty tv shows coming in ,they have made marriage a smart way for the celebrities to market themselves.

As for Rahul “in search of true love” .Wasnt his first marriage also a love marriage. After the disastrous end of that, he is again out in search of so called “true love”.god knows what’s the definiion of “true love” for them.

Posted by Antara | Report as abusive

I would love to see Rekha choosing a life partner on Swayamvar. Rekha would outdo anyone on the publicity stakes hands down!

Posted by Pocahontas | Report as abusive

All audience along the world are accepting such kind unreal and fully fantasy shows like Bigg Brthr and Indian vrsn Bigg Bss. To increase TRP TV channels around the world wil come with inovative idea.
Soon you will see shows showing PPLS DEATH LIVE .

Posted by Sagar | Report as abusive

When will India and Indians stop being MONKEYS and create something from scratch instead of copying everything America produces?
Enough already, you have the brains, CREATE not Copy.

Posted by Kapil Shah | Report as abusive