Blue: No colour this Diwali

October 16, 2009

When a film is pitched as a big-budget, big-ticket film and is a Diwali release to boot, expectations do shoot up.

Anthony D’Souza’s “Blue”, starring Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Lara Dutta and Zayed Khan is supposed to be India’s first “underwater” film, has music by A.R. Rahman and is said to have a budget of 800 million rupees.

But, as someone said after the screening, maybe they spent so much money on shooting the underwater scenes they forgot to pay someone to write a good enough story.

“Blue” falls in the same trap as most Bollywood big-budget films have in recent times (‘Kambakkht Ishq’ being a prime example) — it can’t see the wood for the trees and pays too much attention to superficial stuff while neglecting basics like story and screenplay.

Akshay Kumar plays Aarav Malhotra, the owner of a shipping company who wants to get hold of a “treasure” lying deep in the sea in a sunken ship named ‘Lady in Blue’.

He wants his friend and employee Sagar (Sanjay Dutt, looking supremely unfit and out of place) to help him in his quest, because he “knows the sea like the back of his hand”.

After initially refusing, Sagar and his brother join Aarav on an underwater adventure.

Even as I write this, I realise how flimsy the storyline sounds so you can imagine how flimsy it looks on screen.

And if you thought last week’s release “Acid Factory” had bad acting, what would you say about the performances in “Blue”?

The entire cast sleepwalks through their roles and none of them is remotely convincing.

Sanjay Dutt in particular is desperately in need of a trainer — both for his acting and to get into shape. (To top it all, he is made to wear a lycra scuba suit in the last half-an-hour of the film).

Even Rahman’s music is lacklustre. But “Blue” does have some interestingly shot underwater scenes and good bike chases. There are also some item songs, lots of beaches and bikinis and skin show.

Besides, it is Diwali and who cares about serious stuff like story and screenplay when you have bikes and bikinis?


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Very illuminating, especially for a Diwali review :-)

Posted by Condom Girl | Report as abusive

Very Fantastic,Mindblowing,Excellent movie that i had never seen in my life

Posted by Virani Brijesh | Report as abusive

it was very disappointin to see such movie. to see undergrnd water scene discovery channel is very good source.

abt the movie untill intermission only skin show, bikini goes on. no story. in 2nd half its very clear tht akshay is villian. n whtever he says in d end of movie is very irrelevant to watever shown in movie.

only to give favor wht akshay did, his grandfather part is included. which has no link to story..

its a waste of time n money to watch this film

Posted by nikhil | Report as abusive

This is a very bad movie. Don’t waste your money please. No story and worst part is sanjay dutt. He has to definitely loose some weight.

Posted by sabir | Report as abusive

very good movie.Everyone should definetly watch this movie.This movie must become the NATIONAL MOVIE OF INDIA.

Posted by umang | Report as abusive

I’ve just listened to a couple of songs on YouTube and enjoyed them – Chiggy Wiggy and Yaar Mila Tha. I must say I agree that Sanjay Dutt does look a bit like he’s past his sell by date lol
I was thinking of going to see the movie but after this review am having second thoughts…will keep enjoying the music instead…:)

Posted by natural menopause | Report as abusive