Jail: Avoid this three-hour sentence

November 6, 2009

Fortunately or unfortunately, I rented a DVD of Frank Darabont’s “The Shawshank Redemption” last weekend, watching this landmark film for the umpteenth time. So when I went in to watch “Jail”, expectations were high.

Obviously, Madhur Bhandarkar’s “Jail” is not a patch on Andy and Red’s story but it doesn’t even qualify as a gripping entertainer, mainly because of a sloppy script and characters who might as well have been caricatures.

“Jail” follows Bhandarkar’s unique formula of putting the spotlight on a particular milieu (like fashion, page 3, bar girls and corporates) and exposing the “truth”.

In this case, he attempts to depict India’s justice and prison system, the corruption that prevails and the thousands who are trapped within.

Neil Nitin Mukesh plays Parag Dixit, a young, successful executive who becomes an unwitting participant in a narcotics case and is arrested. He is sent to judicial custody, despite pleas that he is innocent and begins life as an undertrial in jail.

Manoj Bajpai plays Nawab, a prisoner who befriends Parag and tries to guide him in an overcrowded, under managed jail. Most of the film is a string of incidents, with half- baked comments on the jail system, the judicial process and half-a-dozen social evils.

None of them sound convincing because Bhandarkar doesn’t make an attempt to keep the characters real.

The dialogue is over the top with examples like “the first night in jail is like the night of a bride’s wedding — no matter how much you try, you can never sleep.”

Also, none of the actors bring any conviction to their roles. Manoj Bajpai’s character could have been developed more, but he is stuck with a role that involves looking serious and serving the jailor tea.

Neil Nitin Mukesh is the real failure in this film because he brings zero conviction and believability to his role. He is awkward, lacks any real expressions and is unable to carry this film.

“Jail” is one sentence you want to avoid.


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hmm……..even sftr readin thi si think i wud go n watch it jus because its a madhur bhandarkar muvi n Neil n Mugdha hav done well in their last muvis

Posted by giri | Report as abusive

ohh …muvi seems to b disaapointement to some people bt i think it will b wise to wtach it

Posted by indivar | Report as abusive

umm…ya even i’ll watch it!

Posted by bisu | Report as abusive

i cant believe it bad muvi

Posted by emaan | Report as abusive

ja. i agri

Posted by man | Report as abusive

Well I don’t know what was your “expectation” but it is a very good movie. People should watch it atleast once otherwise they will miss a very good unbiased, well researched and through in depth analysis of a subject which was never touched before. And stop saying Neil is expression less he is really the “Parag” in this film, an innocent, well educated, middle class young man working in a corporate firm . Without him the film wouldn’t even be made. Special mention to Rahul Singh, Manoj Bajpayee they are brilliant too. It’s a must watch movie!

Posted by Sangita | Report as abusive

Wow! If nothing else, at least I picked up some English skills reading these comments!

Posted by Floored | Report as abusive

seriously a mdhur bhandarkar muvi is worth atleats 1 time watch..dekhna hi chaiye

Posted by viru | Report as abusive

everyone vil b goin to watch neil-mugdha’s hot pair

Posted by vishal | Report as abusive

good muvi is all i knw

Posted by vishu | Report as abusive

see i think its fairly good muvi

Posted by abhya | Report as abusive

hahah!i think just wtahc it!

Posted by vinod | Report as abusive

hmm…good muvi

Posted by abhi | Report as abusive

hmm…neil is good watch it fr him

Posted by yogi | Report as abusive

Some how after reading the review, I feel live watching this film for sure..strange but true.. some how this review makes me feel that way..

Posted by Mangesh | Report as abusive


found an interesting review of the movie jail on this site:


Posted by Vikram | Report as abusive