De Dana Dan: Entertainment of the lowest level

November 27, 2009

Watching a movie like “De Dana Dan” in a single screen theatre where people are hooting and clapping at crass humour on screen may give you an insight into Indian audiences.

This audience doesn’t really mind that Archana Puran Singh uses foul language or that people randomly slap their husbands and wives or that there is really no logic to speak of. They found all of the above hilarious.

I am not judging that audience. After all, we all have our own tastes. I guess this is what they mean about Hindi movies that you have to “leave your brain behind and then watch”.

Akshay Kumar plays Nitin, a down and out young man who works as a servant with a rich woman in order to pay off his father’s debt to her. He is in love with Anjali (Katrina Kaif) but doesn’t have the money to marry her. He meets Ram (Suniel Shetty), a courier deliveryman who also needs money to marry his rich girlfriend (Sameera Reddy).

They decide to kidnap Nitin’s mistress’s dog, which she holds very dear. However, the plan goes awry and that is the start of the “confusion” in the film. One mistaken identity leads to the other and yet another, until the plot becomes so convoluted that you lose track.

I am writing this an hour after watching the film and if you ask me for the rest of the plot, I will be unable to tell you. It baffles me as to how the scriptwriter remembered all the twists and turns.

For all the confusion however, the end is so lame you feel the entire team was so tired of the film they just put their hands up at one point and said, “That’s it, this is where we end it”.

There are no performances to speak of — in fact none are required. The “Hera Pheri” team of Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Paresh Rawal and Priyadarshan don’t reproduce even half of the magic on screen.

This is entertainment at its lowest level. Take your chance though. To each his own.


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who is this reviewer to find fault with the audiences who enjoy the movie….

Posted by ani | Report as abusive

thanx for the review…

Posted by madiha shams | Report as abusive

im not gonna watch this loud comedy nyways!

Posted by gulfeshan | Report as abusive

it’s nice movie, public will definely very cool movie

Posted by Ankit | Report as abusive

hello it is my first time visiting here, it’s a great site with a great articles, thanks for share.

Posted by World of Entertainment | Report as abusive

ya..its true comment……..nice review..thanxxxx…….

Posted by ninjaryu | Report as abusive

i hated the movie.. u were very right. did not make any sense at all. An high budget flop!

Posted by sanya03 | Report as abusive