Chance Pe Dance: Fails to rise above ordinary

January 15, 2010

cpdKen Ghosh’s “Chance Pe Dance” is not what you would call an original
film, choosing to tell the age-old tale of a struggling actor looking
for a chance to make it in Bollywood. From the first scene, you can
predict exactly how the story is going to go.

That said, a lot of films do tell oft-repeated tales. But many of them
do it with such panache and imagination that you are hooked all the
same. Like last week’s “Pyaar Impossible”, “Chance Pe Dance” doesn’t
pass this test.

This is a film that fails to rise above the ordinary at every step and
in every frame, and makes two-and-a-half hours inside the theatre seem
like an ordeal.

Shahid Kapoor plays Sameer Behl, an upbeat, at times too cheerful
actor who is waiting for his big break in films. He has no money to
pay his rent but manages to wear branded clothes, sports designer
shades and drives a car through the length and breadth of Mumbai.

He is spotted at a nightclub by a director who offers him a role in
his next film, based solely on his dancing skills (now we know how
heroes get made in Bollywood). But of course since this happens within
the first twenty minutes of the film, you know this isn’t the end of
the story.

So of course, Sameer does not get the role, gets thrown out of his
rented house, spends nights in his car, and finds a job as a dance
teacher in a school where he teaches the kids some extremely
inappropriate dance moves.

He falls in love with a pretty choreographer Tina (played by Genelia
D’Souza), delivers an emotional speech in the pre-climax scene and of
course dances up a storm.

None of these events manage to affect the viewer in any way, leaving
you cold for the most part. The direction is extremely haphazard and
the dialogues are pedestrian. Both Shahid and Genelia try too hard to
be bubbly and cheerful and thus get on your nerves. Also for a dance
film, the choreography is hardly good and all those gyrations do not
leave your foot tapping.

This is at best a one-time watch.

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After Kaminey, ‘Dil bole hadippa’ and Chance pe dance’ are real disappointments from Shahid Kapur… even though he must have signed / worked on these films before Kaminey became a hit.. but still these movies certainly drag down his image as a good actor.

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