Phoonk 2: Hardly scary

April 16, 2010

phoonk2I hate watching horror films. I am easily scared and even the most innocuous sounds or predictable of horror scenes make me flinch.

Milind Gadagkar’s sequel to “Phoonk”, imaginatively titled “Phoonk 2″, is however less about the thrills and chills and more about unnecessarily loud background music, badly made- up ghosts and an inane storyline that has no beginning and no end.

The film takes off a couple of years where the first film ended, with Rajeev (Sudeep) and Aarti (Amruta Khanvilkar) move to another house in a remote area, surrounded by forests and sinister looking dolls who emit weird sounds.

They soon discover that the ghost of Madhu, the villain who was killed in the first film, is out to get them. After some anti-climactic scenes, like the one where a little girl is shown staring at a wall, only for the viewer to realise the thing scaring her is a lizard — and one that doesn’t even look real.

It is left to Rajeev to save his family from the ghost and her evil machinations, but not before she kills a bunch of characters and tries to harm the whole family.

Gadagkar makes the story very, very predictable and there is hardly any element of mystery or surprise left in the second half, when it is most needed. It is almost as if he gave up on the film halfway.

The ending is so ridiculous you don’t know whether to be happy the movie has ended or you should wait for someone to tell you the solution to the problem presented in the film.

The actors in the film do a decent job of looking scared and walking around fighting ghosts when they have been stabbed in the back several times — that is all they are required to do.

Watch it for a few scares, because otherwise “Phoonk 2″ leaves you cold.

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