Phas Gaye Re Obama: The kidnapping saga

December 6, 2010

Phas Gaye Re Obama
“Phas Gaye Re Obama” does not indulge in slapstick comedy, neither does it follow a formula. The beauty of this film is its storyline which is brought out impeccably as the plot unfolds.

During the film, there are several moments where it seems easy to guess what happens next, but admirably enough the film steers clear of stereotypes and heightens the mood, keeping the audience curious about its climax.

That’s the stamp of a well-written script with dialogues so precise yet not repetitive, one has to try very hard to spot a bloomer.

“Phas Gaye Re Obama” is about NRI businessman Om Shastri who lives in recession-hit America and is on the verge of bankruptcy. He decides to come to India to sell a family haveli. Soon after he arrives, Shastri is kidnapped and this sets in motion a series of unfortunate incidents for the poor businessman.

Moments that catch you unawares are the way organised kidnapping is depicted wherein you pay the ransom in the accounts department and take your kidnapped relative home complete with a receipt that comes with a guarantee of one year.

With “Phas Gaye Re Obama”, rest assured you will take home a pleasant potpourri of an entertaining satire about the times we live in.

Watch out for the astute NRI played by Rajat Kapoor, the tragedy of a recession-hit kidnapper played superbly by Sanjay Mishra, the pride of a kidnapper-turned-MLA played by a convincingly constipated Amol Gupte, the male-hater ‘she-Gabbar’ played by Neha Dhupia and Obama ‘Yes we can’ lover Anni.

The screenplay is crisp and the undertones touch you at the right levels. The star cast works very well for the film and “Phas Gaye Re Obama” is surely worth a watch.


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For the first time I see a review which is more than narrating just the story and giving random stars. I am glad there are reviewers who look at cinema like cinema and not like reading and analyzing a story published in a journal.
I specifically like the author’s remarks on the screenplay, script and its tempo. Indian media should carry more cinematic cinema reviews.

Posted by Sadiya | Report as abusive

Finally we Have a Good looking Critic with honest opinions and of course having cinematic sense as well …good luck A …

Posted by Munie | Report as abusive

It may come pretty late for “Phas Gaye Re….” but this review has prompted someone like me who is n ot a movie regular anymore — to watch this movie. It indeed keeps one glued oen to screen with slightest trace of boredom. A review – perhaps from a very matured and seasoned critic. Good woork.

Posted by alok21 | Report as abusive