Force: If only muscles could act

September 30, 2011

When a movie has at least three prominent product placements in the first ten minutes of a film, you are bound to cringe. Nishikant Kamat’s “Force” will make you wince, at least in the first half of the film, and not just because of the product placements. Thankfully, unlike most films, this one gets better — so there is hope yet.

Kamat, who earlier directed “Mumbai Meri Jaan” — on the Mumbai train blasts and its aftermath — now turns to the essential cop film. You know the drill — honest, upright police officer, out to finish the bad guys (the drug dealers in this case), falls in love with bubbly girl whose only actual function is two songs and being kidnapped by the bad guys, and lots of action scenes in deserted warehouses.

John Abraham plays Yashvardhan, the honest officer in question. Out to finish off all the drug lords in India, he comes across a man who claims he can provide him with information of drug lords all over the country. Without stopping to think, Yashvardhan goes out to finish them, never once questioning how one person knows so much about people the entire police force can’t seem to trace.

Of course, it turns out that the “informer” was just a henchman of another drug lord (played by newcomer Vidyut) who wanted to finish off his competition. When they finally realise their mistake, Yashvardhan and his team of three pursue the drug lord who is now on their trail.

This is not a new story but Kamat does bring a good amount of style to the film, which is its saving grace. There are holes in the script the size of craters, Genelia D’Souza grates on your nerves with her fake shrill laugh, and the less you talk about John Abraham’s expressions, the better it is.

This could have been another “Dabangg” or even a “Ghajini” for all the blood and gore and cosmetic bullet wounds that are showcased here, but the leading man lacks the personality that such a film requires. When he is required to produce expressions of any kind, all he can do is flex his muscles.

If only John Abraham’s muscles could act, “Force” would have been a good film. As it stands though, this is at best an average cop thriller. Watch at your own peril.

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It sounds like you’ve confused the character with the actor. John Abraham’s character was supposed to be that of an unemotional, focused police officer. A strong, but silent type. I thought he carried that off with aplomb. I also found it believable that the only type of girl who might reach his heart was someone like Maya – a lively girl who spoke her mind. I didn’t think the film was flawless, but I did think the leads (John Abraham, Genelia d’Souza and Vidyut Jamwal) all acted well. They were believable, as opposed to over the top.

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