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Ladies vs Ricky Bahl: One-time fun


You cannot help but feel that Maneesh Sharma’s “Ladies vs Ricky Bahl” is a mash-up of past Yash Raj films like “Badmaash Company”, “Bunty Aur Babli” and even “Bachna Ae Haseeno”.

The story is one you’ve seen before — a smart-talking con man takes off with suitcases of money after tricking three very gullible women.

When the women decide to exact revenge, they hire the equally smart-talking Ishika (played by Anushka Sharma), to trap Ricky, whose name they don’t even know. The trio find him in Goa and unleash Ishika on him — posing as a rich heiress out to open a restaurant.

Ishika lures Ricky with the promise of a 5 million dollar investment and he agrees to make an initial investment in her venture — not knowing the money is actually going to the three girls he had conned.

Waiting for Mr Cruise


Spending Sunday evening standing in a dusty, arid place, waiting more than three hours for one person to show up, is certainly not my idea of fun. However, when the person in question is Tom Cruise, the equation changes.

Mr Cruise was to turn up at a red carpet event in Mumbai, organised before a fan screening of his latest film — “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”

Which is your favourite Dev Anand film?


Actor Dev Anand died in London early on Sunday. Pay tribute to Bollywood’s evergreen hero in the comments below.

The Dirty Picture: Vidya Balan, the hero


In one scene in Milan Luthria’s “The Dirty Picture”, the protagonist, determined to make life miserable for one particularly pesky journalist, stages an impromptu dance performance in front of the journalist’s house — gyrating atop her car and biting her lip suggestively. Soon, a crowd gathers, there are wolf whistles and catcalls, and the police are called in to control the chaos that ensues.

Wearing nothing but a skimpy, midriff-baring blouse, pants and over-the-top sunglasses, Silk, as she’s called in the film is all smiles, and it’s obvious she’s loving every moment. You could say the same about Vidya Balan in the film. She’s having a blast playing Silk and it shows in every frame of the film.

from India Insight:

The woman behind the Mumbai flash mob

It is said that each Mumbai resident passes through the city's iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at least once. On Sunday, the railway station was the setting for 200 Mumbaikars to do something out of the ordinary.

YouTube Preview ImageThanks to Shonan Kothari, 200 people got together and danced in the middle of the crowded station, three years and a day after the November 26 attacks at the same place.

Rockstar: Ranbir, Rahman are the stars


If you want to watch the rockstars in action in Imtiaz Ali’s “Rockstar“, look out for the “Kun Faya Kun” number in the first half — both A. R. Rahman and Ranbir Kapoor are at their best here — the lilting melody of the song and Ranbir’s range of expressions remind you of how good the two are at what they do.

They are the stars of “Rockstar” — the reason why you leave the movie with a somewhat positive feeling. Everything else, including the script, the direction and other performances are found wanting, much to your disappointment.

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“Mother Monster” Lady Gaga set to surprise India with F1 show

By Annie Banerji

Curiosity peaked as international pop icon Lady Gaga kept the media waiting before her press conference In New Delhi. Would she don cow-like headgear (to commemorate her visit to India) or would she be wearing a dress made of stuffed animals again?

Usually known for her artistic public appearances coupled with an outlandish fashion statement, the “Born This Way” singer, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, kept it safe -- wearing a rather conservative Indian-designer dress and her hair dyed in the tricolours of the Indian flag, perhaps keeping in mind India’s conservative and religious social fabric.

Ra.One: This ain’t the one


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months, it’s unlikely you’ve missed the “Ra.One” juggernaut. This superhero film has been everywhere, peering out at you from hoardings, blaring on the television, on your can of soda and pretty much in your face. It’s been non-stop marketing, persistent selling of a product you’ve been told that you have to watch.

That is how “Ra.One” the movie comes across as well. This is less of a movie and more of a product that is tailor-made to audiences looking for a Diwali movie. So everything, including the product placements, the songs, the dialogues and the story are all positioned to touch the right chords.

My Friend Pinto: Tests your patience


Some films have you hooked from word go. Some grow on you, getting your attention as the story moves along. Raaghav Dar’s “My Friend Pinto” falls in the third category. You keep waiting for the movie to hook you, but it never does.

The film is a disjointed effort that never seems to find its peak and is hampered by a weak script that ensures you don’t feel for any of the characters or keep up with any of the chaos that seems to be unfolding on screen.

Mod: An intricate tale of love


Nagesh Kukunoor’s “Mod” is simple, yet intricate and extremely powerful cinema that combines his directorial skills with an interesting cast and a story that stays with you long after it is over.

Andy, who introduces himself as a classmate from school, begins visiting Aaranya on the pretext of repairing his watch. Soon they begin spending more time with each other and Aaranya even introduces him as her boyfriend to her aunt.