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Wishlist 2012: What would you like to see at the movies?


It’s the time for new beginnings and new resolutions, and for someone who covers the entertainment industry, it’s time for yet another year at the movies. Here’s a list of wishes I have for 2012. They may not all be possible, but hey, that’s why they’re called wishes right?

NO “LEAVE YOUR BRAIN BEHIND” FILMS: Let us get the seemingly impossible one out of the way. Can Bollywood please leave mindless comedies and crass humour involving genitalia, toilet humour and sundry other staples behind? There were too many “Rascals” and “Thank You” movies this year for my comfort. My number one wish is that Bollywood gets a real sense of humour.

SMART PUBLICITY CAMPAIGNS: Ekta Kapoor showed us that if you ensure your film is talked about from day one, even a non-hero film can take in a huge opening. “Ra.One” had a similar extensive campaign, but the poor reviews the film got meant the publicity got a negative tint. There’s a thin line between overdoing it and getting it right. Let’s hope more films get it right.


NO MORE FAMILY COLLABORATIONS: We know it’s all about loving your family, but can our industry do that off-screen. Tusshar Kapoor in his sister’s films, Shahid Kapur in his father’s film and so many others come to mind. How about picking an artist because they’re good and not because they’re related to you? Again, this seems impossible, given that several Bollywood production houses function like individual family businesses, but no harm in wishing, huh?