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Delhi Belly: You need to have the stomach for it


Abhinay Deo’s “Delhi Belly” isn’t your average Bollywood film. For one, it can hardly be called a Bollywood film, because the primary language isn’t Hindi, it’s English. Like most Bollywood films, this is also not a “family film”.

All those cuss words and toilet humour would be tough to endure with your parents or kids sitting next to you — with friends, it might be funny though.

And there is plenty of toilet humour and cuss words. The story, about three room-mates caught in the middle of a cross-fire thanks to a misunderstanding involving a cache of diamonds and a stool sample, is peppered with plenty of smart one-liners, spoken in the language of the demographic we call new India.

Imran Khan plays Tashi, a journalist who lives with two friends in the most run-down, filthiest room you could imagine with two room-mates — Arup, a cartoonist and Nitin, a freelance photographer, whose desire to eat some tandoori chicken off the street leads to a bad case of the Delhi Belly and sets the chain of events in motion.