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Anand Jon: Lessons to be learnt


On Monday, Indian American designer Anand Jon was sentenced to 59 years in prison for sexually assaulting aspiring models as young as 14, throwing the limelight on sexual harassment in the fashion and entertainment industry.

While his family insists that he is innocent, the entire case brings into focus the fact that sexual harassment, or at least allegations of it, seems to be the darker side of our entertainment industry too. Unfortunately, it’s a topic that has been kept under wraps for a while.

As someone who has covered the entertainment industry for a while now, you hear stories of the casting couch on and off on the field, but none of these ever come out in the open.

There are of course hushed whispers and a token admission by those part of this industry that the “couch” does exist, but for reasons best known to the parties involved, the matter never goes public.