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Are Indian audiences ready for the truth?


There is something addictive about watching ‘The Moment of Truth’, the American TV show where contestants have to tell the truth to win cash.

Contestants go through a polygraph test to determine if they are lying while answering a set of questions based on their lives.

I must admit to feeling a certain thrill when contestants are exposed as adulterers, cheats and liars as family members and viewers look on.

When the show’s Indian version ‘Sach Ka Saamna’ premiered on television this month, I wondered if the questions would be as personal.

Don’t like this Bollywood film? Get your money back


Anti-pimple creams, credit cards, items at department stores — now add Bollywood movies to the list of things with money-back guarantees.

The makers of “Mukhbir,” a new film, are so confident it will do well they are offering a refund (minus taxes, of course) to people who don’t like it.