India Masala

A “cleaner” Bigg Boss?

September 17, 2012

If you’ve been a regular watcher of “Bigg Boss”, India’s version of the international reality show “Big Brother”, you will never look at a mop the same way again. Remember model Pooja Mishra breaking a mop and then flinging it across the room in a fit of rage?

Who will be Bigg Boss?

October 5, 2009

Last night, between 9 pm and 11 30 pm, my phone was working over time. Calls were going back and forth, messages were being exchanged and opinions voiced – all of them discussing only one thing – the inmates of Bigg Boss, Tritiya (as host Amitabh Bachchan calls it.)

Why I watch ‘Bigg Boss’

September 1, 2008

Yes, yes, judge me all you want, but “Bigg Boss” now forms part of my daily routine. I make sure I get home well before 10 pm, watch the whole episode, without touching the remote and discuss details with colleagues/friends the next day.