India Masala

Veer: Epic disaster

January 22, 2010

veerThis has got to be one of the most difficult reviews I have ever written. All I have done so far is stare at a blank word document for more than 15 minutes. Words fail me, but I will have to do it, because I will not allow those three hours of my life to be in vain.

Chance Pe Dance: Fails to rise above ordinary

January 15, 2010

cpdKen Ghosh’s “Chance Pe Dance” is not what you would call an original
film, choosing to tell the age-old tale of a struggling actor looking
for a chance to make it in Bollywood. From the first scene, you can
predict exactly how the story is going to go.

Dulha Mil Gaya: Excruciatingly bad

January 8, 2010

How long does it take you to decide whether a movie is going to appeal to you or not? It didn’t take me longer than the opening credits of Mudassar Aziz’s “Dulha Mil Gaya“.

Spoof cinema of Malegaon

January 1, 2010

Spoof cinema of MalegaonShaikh Nasir is one of several makers of low-budget, spoof movies set in the industrial town of Malegaon, around 300 km from Mumbai, and a world apart from the glitzy sets, big-name stars and lavish productions of Bollywood.

A year at the movies

December 31, 2009

At the beginning of the last week of every year I head to my neighbourhood DVD store to follow a long-standing tradition of mine.  I review my favourite films of the year and then buy DVD’s of those films.

My favourite Bollywood anti-heroes from past decade

December 23, 2009

They have great style, be it over-the-top dialogues, pulling off a perfect rape sequence or sheer physical intimidation.

3 Idiots: Lacks punch, but feels really good

December 23, 2009

3idiotsI must admit I had apprehensions going in to watch Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘3 Idiots’, inspite of the immense buzz that has surrounded the film.

Rocket Singh: Underdog does win but barely

December 11, 2009

rocketWe all know that feeling. When you are just out of college and fresh into a new job with no experience whatsoever, just a burning desire to do well.

Paa: Flawed but gives us a whole new Bachchan

December 4, 2009

paa1First things first. “Paa” belongs to Amitabh Bachchan. And Vidya Balan. Or actually it belongs to Auro and his mother. Because that’s who you really see on screen and that is the hallmark of a great performance.

IFFI 2009: Makrand Deshpande on “Shahrukh Bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu”

November 28, 2009

Filmmaker Makrand Deshpande’s new film “Shahrukh Bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu” is about a flower girl in Mumbai whose life changes after a chance meeting with actor Shah Rukh Khan who tells her that she is beautiful.