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Student of the Year: Bromance, brawn and not too much brain


Is it possible for a film-maker to regress with each film? Wouldn’t logic dictate that you learn and therefore progress with each film? But Karan Johar, who otherwise comes across as one of the most savvy, intelligent and knowledgeable people in the industry, doesn’t seem to apply that same logic to his films.

After his last film as director “My Name is Khan“, in which he tried to deal with the sensitive issues of terrorism and racism, Johar is back to what you would think is familiar turf with “Student of the Year“. College romance, pretty people falling in love, dances, wedding sequences interspersed with bikini scenes, and bare, perfectly sculpted bodies that are given lots of screen time.

But while “Student of the Year” is good in terms of styling and gloss, it lacks a coherent storyline. Revolving around two friends, a girl and a bizarre school tournament for “student of the year” which involves the world’s worst treasure hunt, a dancing competition and a triathlon in which women and men compete at the same time, this film is one of those which cannot even pull off the fluff with panache.

Contrast that with Johar’s “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai“, his first film which was also a college romance, with all the style and glamour but also the innocence that endeared you to the film in spite of its flaws.