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Chillar Party: An entertaining band of kids


“Chillar Party” is a fresh attempt at a children’s film, one that entertains thoroughly without getting preachy. That is often where most filmmakers go wrong.

The film is about a bunch of kids who are quite a gang in their own right, and move around like they own the housing society they live in. Each of them is unique in their own way and has a certain quality, rather a trait, earning them their nicknames.

Things change when an orphan is hired by the society to clean cars. The kids see the boy and his canine companion as a threat and scheme to get rid of them. A few interestingly portrayed hiccups later, they end up on the wrong side of a politician and in the eye of a storm.

The movie moves from one stage to another, but does not stray longer than required. In the beginning, the subplots, and there are many, seem slightly inconsequential. But towards the end, all of them fall into place.