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Dev D: A different take on an age-old hero


I have to admit, first off, that I have no sympathy for Devdas. I think he is a spoilt, whining fool who pretty much deserved what he got.

Obviously watching him every five years or so on screen, as yet another filmmaker tries to “interpret” him, really tries my patience.


But “Dev D” is different. It was supposed to be Devdas in a modern setting, dealing with all the trappings of contemporary India, had one of our most promising actors in the lead role and was being directed by someone who dares to be different.

That’s why, when I entered the cinema hall, I wasn’t really wary.


Half-an-hour into the film, I was enjoying it. Here was our modern Devdas, now called Dev, the son of a rich industrialist, indulging in dirty phone talk with childhood sweetheart Paro (played by Mahi Gill) while he is studying in London.