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Tum Mile: Be prepared to drown in boredom


Cyclone Phyan may have scared the wits out of Mumbaikars but it certainly provided a good enough platform to director Kunal Deshmukh for his film “Tum Mile”.

The rain scenes in the film and its reference to a similar tragedy could have hit home if it had been made compellingly. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen.

The film, a love story set in the backdrop of the 2005 Mumbai floods, could have been India’s first “disaster” film but settles for a long-drawn-out unoriginal plot with sporadic shots of rain and people shouting “mujhe bachao”.
Emraan Hashmi and Soha Ali Khan play Akshay and Sanjana, former lovers who meet on a flight to India on July 26, 2005, the day when Mumbai went under water.

Akshay is a brooding artist who also waits tables at a café in Cape Town. Sanjana, on the other hand, is a journalist with a rich father.