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Roadside Romeo — Doggy tale gone wrong


When you find the villain of the film more endearing than the hero and even 90 minutes seem like a lifetime, there has to be something wrong with the film. 

That’s right. Charlie Anna, the heavy, farting and bespectacled bulldog with a south Indian accent, who throws a spanner in Romeo’s plans, is way more entertaining and funny than the protagonist of Roadside Romeo

Romeo, the actual hero, comes across as a somewhat cowardly, smooth-talking snob. And the Jugal Hansraj-directed Walt Disney co-produced “Roadside Romeo” seems like an incredibly long, boring film merely because the script is quite shoddy.

In fact, I felt everyone associated with the film sat down one day, decided they were going to make an animation film about a dog, realised at the last minute they actually needed a script, and threw together the most clichéd plot line, hoping this would be masked by some good animation.

Of dogs, lizards and Shah Rukh


A few years ago, my brother Jose met a girl at an acting workshop in Delhi. He was surprised to learn of her name and couldn’t stop himself from revealing that our neighbour’s dog was also called Sheena.

Aamir KhanBut Sheena wasn’t amused. Having the same name as a cocker spaniel was obviously no honour. She glared at my brother and declared – “The lizard on my wall is named Jose”.